Monday, October 3, 2011

Simply Crepes

Today we are pleased to bring another great post from Katie at Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven. Enjoy the read and bon appetit!

We are always on the quest for great crepes and places we can eat with our two year old, H. On one of the first cool (ahem, tolerable) nights a few weeks back we headed over to Lafayette Village in Raleigh for an early dinner at Simply Crepes. Okay we really went because Lafayette Village had an electric train that weekend (it's just an occasional thing) and we thought H would love it. As a bonus, we got to try Simply Crepes!

Post train ride we headed over to Simply Crepes and scored a perfect outside table. Perfect not just because it was a gorgeous evening, but also because it was next to the green space in Lafayette Village meaning after we ordered we could take turns burning off some steam with H by running around, visiting the fountains, and dancing to the live music the Village had that night. The staff was happy to accommodate us with a high chair (they have plenty) outside.

We didn’t have to wait too long before our food arrived, and it was delicious! We really didn’t expect an extensive kids’ menu, so we were more than pleasantly surprised with the offerings. We got H a grilled cheese crepe, but they also offer PB&J crepes, a Peanut Butter and Fluff crepe (which I am determined to try), a ham and cheese crepe, pizza crepe, and scrambled egg crepe. We really liked that the sides on the kids’ menu are sliced bananas, sliced apples, and fresh fruit salad. H loved his crepe, and even had an extra serving of bananas (hurray!). For more information on food for Mom and Dad, check out our write up on over on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.

Prices are very reasonable, with kids’ meals in the $5 range and adult entrees running between $10-$15. It’s a fabulous restaurant! If you have a little one in diapers, though, we have to warn you, there isn’t a changing station in the ladies’ room. Although to be perfectly honest, they had just opened, and we had a…well…diaper emergency, so I didn’t spend too much time searching. There may very well be one there now. And while we’re talking facilities, they are clean (sparkling) and quite nice.

Overall, Simply Crepes was a great experience; for Mommy, Daddy and our little one!

Simply Crepes

LaFayette Village
8452 Honeycutt Road
Suite 110




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