Monday, October 31, 2011

Waverly Place Playground - Cary

From Sarah C.:

Waverly Place Shopping Center has been undergoing a renovation and while work is still in progress on some of the buildings, the Promenade is ready for enjoyment. It includes a beautifully landscaped hillside with water and fire features as well as a nice grassy expanse and playground.

While in the general area for other errands, I stopped by with D and my 13 month old niece L to explore the playground. We could see it from the parking lot and were quite excited. Brand new play equipment with an artificial turf lawn beneath and fully fenced in. My only hesitation were the large warning signs posted stating the equipment was designed for the 5-12 age group and that adult supervision was required. We proceeded anyhow as I certainly was not going to disappoint my 2 year old by telling him we couldn't play on the awesome new playground I had been telling him about on the drive over and now was within our reach.

Admittedly, yes, the equipment is designed for older kids, but we still had plenty of fun. When we arrived, we had the entire playground to ourselves. Later another mother and an 18 month old joined us. The 3 toddlers ran around the artificial turf, climbed through the ropes and up on the springboard platform pieces, rode the single teeter totter, watched the water spraying in the fountain just outside the fence and danced to music playing through the speakers atop the block wall (D was particularly excited when Sheryl Crow's Real Gone from the Cars soundtrack came on - we'll have to bring Allison & C for a dance off one day!).

If you happen to notice the orange cones in the photo above of the play structure, the slide/glider portion of the structure has been removed. The cones are covering it's connections to the ground.

Splash Pad
D discovered the splash pad and was intrigued by the sprayers in the ground. It was turned off, of course. We'll definitely make a visit back next year when the weather is warmer to try it out. For now, it makes a great spot to stand and watch the fountain outside the play area.

To park in the lot closest to the playground, access the center via New Waverly Place from either Tryon or Kildaire Farm Roads. Follow it around to a lot in the back of the center between Buildings A and B (for reference, Whole Foods is at the back end of Building B). The lot here has direct access to the Promenade area including the playground which is beside Building A.

There are water fountains within the playground area. We did not see restrooms nearby or during our stroll around the Promenade to the upper storefronts. Many of the storefronts are still vacant. I imagine there will be some sort of restrooms accessible to the public once the new shops & restaurants open.

If you end up at the Center on a day where the weather isn't quite nice enough for outdoor play, there is a Chick-fil-a with an indoor play area in one of the outparcels fronting Tryon Road.

Waverly Place Shopping Center
Corner of Tryon & Kildaire Farm Roads
Cary, NC



At November 3, 2011 at 3:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, that playground is a lawsuit waiting to happen. We checked it out on opening day and immediately yanked our kids away. The slide had virtually no rail and the rubbery mesh had kids falling off and all over each other. On top of that, I'd be surprised if there was a parent there who DIDN'T go home with a kid that was soaked thru and thru. Keep in mind that in the summer, you're going to either leave in an air-conditioned car or go to an overly airconditioned shop or restaurant with a soaking wet kid.

I was looking forward to a place where you could go, eat out on a terrace and have a place for kids to play. That would be awesome! This isn't gonna be that place unless they totally re-do that playground!

At November 15, 2011 at 10:13 AM , Blogger allison c said...

Thanks so much for the comment! I know that you aren't the only one who feels that way, the playground has been controversial with parents because of the exact issues you pegged!


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