Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Geer St Garden

When a gaggle of friends, with kids, were all headed to Fullsteam Brewery (which we still love for families) for a Saturday of fun we needed a place to get some food first.  My friend, "S'Rich" Stacey, is our guru on all things Durham and she clued me in to the new Geer St Garden, right around the corner.

What makes Geer St Garden great for family dining is how casual it is.  Outside (part of it heated for the winter) are large, long picnic tables.  The kids can wander around the garden area.  There is even cornhole on the premises to play.  There is a low brick wall that surrounds most of the area; however, there are breaks in the wall and the restaurant is right on the corner of Geer Street and Foster Street.  We enjoyed the supremely casual atmosphere here as well as the fact that our tots could wander freely (and look at the dogs also dining at the restaurant), but we kept eagle-eyes on them for safety sake.

There isn't much seating inside, but what seating there is is really cool: the place is an old reclaimed gas station/garage and well done in restoration.

There are high chairs and makeshift changing tables in the restrooms.  Surprisingly, no separate kids menu, but not sure you really need one.  We just asked for some modifications and the food is upscale pub food, so our kids were happy.  And we were very happy since the food was good.  Certainly be sure to get The Pile: fried chicken, french fries, japalenos and gravy all piled on top of each other, served with some sauces on the side for dipping.  Heart attack on a plate....so delicious....

They have a nice selection of adult beverages, too.  Although I couldn't partake, of course.  Less than three weeks to go!

Geer St Garden
644 Foster Street


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