Tuesday, November 8, 2011

High Tea at Carolina Inn

For all the princesses out there here is a post from Katie of a must-do.:

Recently, I joined a friend and her three year old daughter, G, at the Carolina Inn for high tea to celebrate G’s potty-training victory.  G loves tea parties and the idea of being a princess. I had promised for months that as soon as she finished potty training, we would all get dressed up and I would treat her to a very fancy high tea, because isn’t that what  princesses would do?

So, when G called to give me the news, we made reservations and a couple of weeks later, they came to Chapel Hill for tea.   I have to say, it was quite a treat and G wasn’t the only one feeling like a princess that day!  Seating for high tea is in the gorgeous lobby of the Carolina Inn.  With such beautiful surroundings, who wouldn’t feel like royalty?     

Once you are seated, you select your tea—each person chooses one, but there is plenty of each to share.  For the little ones you can also choose pink lemonade, which is what we did for G, because we found that while she likes the idea of high tea, it is really for the beautiful surroundings, perfect place settings, and the promise of sweets.  Not so much the "hot tea" part.  And the sweets were incredible—with fresh scones, chocolate dipped strawberries and savory sandwiches, along with lemon curd, delicious preserves and Devonshire Cream.  G was giddy with excitement! 

We were a little worried that some of the food might be too sophisticated for G or that she might, well, not behave (after all, she is only three).  She was so excited that she tried everything and loved most of it—and behaved like a perfect princess.  

If you are at all concerned that your little one might not love the food, the Carolina Inn actually offers a Little Prince and Little Princess Tea menu during the high tea time.  The Little Prince and Princess Tea is a bit less expensive at $17 for 8-12 year olds, and $12 for 4-7 year olds (the adult price for classic tea is $20).   For more information on High Tea for adults, check out our review on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.

There is a dress code for this event, by the way, with "resort or business casual" requested.  Either way, princesses always travel in style anyhow!

If you are planning a special celebration it is a perfect place to go to introduce your little ones to this wonderful, long-standing tradition. 

Afternoon High Tea at the Carolina Inn
(reservations required at least 24 hours in advance):  919.918.2735
211 Pittsboro Street
Chapel Hill, NC  27516



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