Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mary Holmes Park - Pittsboro

It's been awhile since we've been in Pittsboro for you.  Let me start by saying that whoever is designing these new parks in Pittsboro deserves a huge award.  I have already professed my love of the Pittsboro Kiwanis Playground for toddlers (fenced in, natrual elements, toddler-appropriate equipment, lots to do, infant area with shade).  Well Pittsboro now has another beautiful park with natural elements: Mary (Hayes Barber) Holmes Park.

Mary Holmes Park is not new, it just has new things added to it.  Around for a few years the park had a huge climbing structure with a sandbox.  This thing is gorgeous: it looks like old, twisted gnarled trees that have been there forever yet are designed to encourage kids to play.  But parents (understandably) had been asking for some more traditional elements, too, and this past fall the Town added traditional swings, bucket swings, benches, and a huge seesaw.  Even these were done with nature and art in mind.  Just look at these pictures!

Mary Holmes Park also has a little trail around it, paved, therefore stroller friendly.  A sign at the front kindly informs you that  you have to do 3 loops of the trail to get 1 mile.

There are places to picnic here, with shade, and a nice soccer field.  Bathrooms are port-a-johns.

This park isn't big, but it is really unique.  Oh, I should warn you that as much as I absolutely loved this playground and the creative piece it is, my toddler was incredibly confused.  He wanted to know where the slide was.  We go to Southern Community Park so much that I think I have created a monster - he associates playground and outdoor play with large, bright, metallic objects that reach into the sky.  (sigh)  All the more reason we'll be going back to Mary Holmes: to learn that imagination and nature is really all you need.

Mary Holmes Park
304 Old Rock Springs Cemetery Road


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