Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moonberries Frozen Yogurt

I have had this information to share with you all for awhile, but it kept getting pushed to the back burner.  I mean, there are so many frozen yogurt places already (check out our complete listing of "Sweet Treats").  But when I was at Target at Southpoint yesterday I realized it was time to share with you all the best part of Moonberries: bribery.

You see, this place is so close to Target, PetCo, Michael's, and Southpoint Mall that it is fantastic for using for bribery with your child: "If you behave in Target, we'll go get some ice cream later."  Pretty sure Dr. Phil would be ok with that, right?

Moonberries is really cute inside.  There are cute paintings on the wall and it is bright.  Like most of these FroYo places, it is a make your own, pay by weight sort of place.  The selections of yogurts were great (they even had my favorite, cake batter) and the toppings bar diverse and delicious.  The fruits looked really fresh, everything was very clean especially considering it was pretty busy when we were in there, and there were some fun new things in their toppings that I hadn't seen before (go see!).

Moonberries also does some seasonal selections, as well.  For example, during these holidays they have some of the following, fun yogurts out in rotation: eggnog, pumpkin spice, ginger bread, apple pie, and white chocolate creamy mousse.  Most of the yogurts are gluten free and they don't use high fructose corn syrups in the yogurts (that comes with the toppings).

Other perks: there are tables outside to sit in and they have one of those Keurig single cup coffee makers so you can buy tasty coffee if you want instead of going for the cold yogurt.

As far as price, this place is slightly more expensive (by a few cents) than other spots but worth it, in my opinion.  Make sure you get your frequent-buyer card started, too.

No changing tables.  They said they are working on it.

Stay tuned to Moonberries' Facebook page (see link below) since the Durham location will frequently offer discounts.

Moonberries Frozen Yogurt
8200 Renaissance Parkway, Suite 1002
Durham, NC 27713


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