Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Science Safari

From Sarah C. this morning. Christmas shopping anyone?:

Tucked away in a small shopping center in Cary is a fabulous science store filled with wonderful surprises. Just 4 doors down from Pattywacks, Science Safari is anything but just a science store. Yes, you will find a few items you might think define science such as microscopes and test tubes, but there is a lot more and it's worth exploring!

D & I dropped in to visit one Saturday afternoon and I mistakenly thought we might do a quick browse, pick out a small item, and head on to our next adventure. Nope. One of many interactive opportunities grabbed his attention.This particular one was robot related and featured a remote control (who's kid doesn't love remote controls?). Then we moved on to other fun such as a game by the front counter and a small train table with Thomas the Engine cars to play with. We spent a lot of time with both and a little aquatic fun in between - ie, Myrtle the Turtle and a few small fish. My 2 year old couldn't seem to get enough time watching her wander her habitat.

When you can peel your kids away from the fun at the front, take them to the back room to see a few more creatures that you won't want to miss. Ok, maybe you won't mind missing the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (I confess, I find them pretty creepy) but there are also snakes, a frog, and an 18 year old iguana named Ozzy. The latter might be found on the very top of the unit housing the terrariums (spot him in there in the photo below), but don't mistake him for a plastic figurine. He's very real and can be gently petted.

Moving back to the retail aspect of the store, you'll find something for just about anyone. There are toys, bug boxes, robots, rockets, building kits, microscopes, stuffed animals, plastic animals, gemstones, posters, puppets, etc. Visit their website (link below) or the store itself for the full selection.

Science Safari also offers classes for children 3 years old to 5th grade. Check their Facebook page (link below) for details on upcoming classes and special events.

Science Safari
http://www.scisafari.com/ | Facebook
Saltbox Village
1255 Kildaire Farm Road



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