Sunday, December 11, 2011

American Tobacco Campus Jingle Bull Bash

A holiday post from Katie today.  I have heard a lot about ATC's Jingle Bull Bash, which is multi-part, as well and so pleased she was able to check it out.  Honestly, the trees sound like what I thought the Carolina Inn Twelve Days of Christmas would be last year.  Each beautiful in their own way, of course, but different!  Here's the information you need.:
I had heard about the Jingle Bull Bash and the Christmas Tree Challenge taking place on the American Tobacco Campus this month, so, this week, H and I decided to head over to downtown Durham to check them out. 

As part of the Bash, there are fifty beautifully, and creatively, decorated Christmas trees lining the walkway through Diamond View Park (see map here) in front of DPAC.  For me, the trees were a gorgeous sight, and the decorations were meaningful, clearly representing the non-profit responsible for decorating the tree.   For H, it was Christmas tree wonderland.  He loved looking at what seemed, to him, larger than life trees and decorations.  He loved running from tree to tree!   He loved counting the trees…and the ornaments…and the people (we’re in a counting phase).  He loved dancing to the piped in music!  Since it is in Diamond View Park, he could run around (relatively) freely, so you have to know that we played a little Christmas Tree Hide and Seek.  Okay, we played a lot of it!  Seriously, had there been a Santa and Elves, we would probably still be there.  

Another part of the Jingle Bull Bash is donations.  The ATC is a drop-off point for WRAL's Coats for Children, too.  While visiting the trees you can donate a gently used or new coat to the Salvation Army (see details on exactly where on the website, below).

If all that wasn't enough, there is also a Gingerbread display in Strickland Lobby.  But, really, the trees are so gorgeous and will probably be enough for your brood!

It’s definitely worth the trip to the American Tobacco Campus to see the trees.  It’s even more worth it to get out of the car and check out the detail of the ornaments.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites (they have directions on voting there, or you can check them out here) by December 18th!  The nonprofits who decorated the winning trees will receive cash prizes.  

The Challenge, and the Jingle Bull Bash, culminate with the Kringle Mingle on December 18th, when winners will be announced.  In the meantime, go and enjoy some spectacular outside décor!

Christmas Tree Challenge
Jingle Bull Bash
at the American Tobacco Campus
Diamond View Park- Blackwell Street
Durham, NC



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