Friday, December 23, 2011

Happyland Christmas Lights

From Sarah C.:

My son is very excited about Christmas this year and one of his favorite things to do is see the lights. Earlier in the month, on one of the warm nights, we took him in his stroller for a long walk around our neighborhood. He loved it. When we heard about a big display in west Raleigh, we knew we had to take him to check it out.

In memory of a family member, Bobby Moore has created an amazing display of lights and decorations at his home. This year marks the 15th year with changes each year. The biggest one this year - the addition of figurines that once graced the lawn of a home on New Bern Ave every holiday season.

There is a LOT to see. The few photos I'm sharing here barely touch upon the fun ...

Look carefully when you visit and you'll see Santa & his reindeer flying into the night sky, a countdown to Christmas, gorgeous nativity scene, the Tasmanian Devil, giant M&M's candy characters, the gang from South Park, Kermit riding a motorcycle, a dinosaur made of green lights, Mr Wuf roasting the Ram, a group of carolers, a UFO, Sponge Bob, Snoopy, a shark's fin, and much, much more.

There is still time to see this display. It runs through December 31st. Be aware that Saturdays are often the busiest and, of course, tomorrow being Christmas Eve as well, it will probably be extra popular.

The house sits on the corner of Penny Road and Huntingwood Drive. We approached from Penny Rd, turning left onto Huntingwood then followed signs past the display further into the neighborhood and returning back to pass the house on our right. This allowed us to queue up in the line and slowly view the lights from our car. Be aware a number of visitors park on the sides of the roads and walk so be extra alert for pedestrians especially smaller ones.

Happyland Christmas Lights
Facebook Page
Mon-Thurs 6-10pm; Fri-Sun dark until ?? (seasonal late Nov - Dec 31st)
5504 Huntingwood Dr



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