Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Morgan Imports

Have a bit of last minute holiday shopping to do? Katie has a suggestion:

Morgan Imports is one of my favorite stores! It’s long been known for it’s year round Christmas Shop, home goods, and one of my absolute favorite parts - the children’s section. I have to admit, I happened on the children’s section when I was there checking out tableware and stationery last Christmas (yep, they have those as well). When I went into the children’s section, it wasn’t the amazing games and the cute clothes that reeled me in, it was the fish and bug shaped shakers (with bells inside) that my then 16 month old son had fallen in love with at Kidzu, but I could find nowhere! Jackpot for this Mommy! The store offers registries which could be great to suggest fun finds like this for birthdays & Christmas as well as new baby gifts.

The children’s section is located just in front of the main entry, and while it seems like nook, it is actually a fairly deep nook, packed with a great selection of toys and super cute baby clothes. While they have fabulous finds for toddlers (I am currently in love with the art smocks and the array of Melissa and Doug toys), they also have a good selection for the older children. But don’t stop at that nook. Often, there are more toys and goodies just to the right of the main entrance - tucked away in a front window alcove.

If you aren’t on a toy or baby gift mission, they have many other great gift ideas and it's also a place where my 2 year old is always perfectly entertained, which makes shopping so much easier for this Mommy. There is so much for the little ones to look at! There are a few stairs, making it not the easiest to navigate with a stroller, but the toys are on the lowest level closest to the main entrance. I’ve not let the stairs stop me yet.

If you find you have a little more time to spend in the area, drop by Parker + Otis for a sweet treat!

Morgan Imports
113 S Gregson St
(919) 688-1150



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