Thursday, December 22, 2011

Upper Crust Bakery

A post today from Katie about some good bakery eats.  An extra bonus is that it is full of holiday cheer right now, too!:
You must know that we here at Mom in Chapel Hill love a good cupcake.  So whenever I find one, I am going to tell you about it.   That’s where Upper Crust Pie and Bakery in Lafayette Village in Raleigh comes in.  I know they are best known for their pies, but we stopped in for a quick sweet treat after our recent trip to Honeycutt Park (that review coming soon to a blog near you!), and we were not disappointed. 

Before we even get to the cupcakes in this counter service bakery/café, I have to tell you about the Holiday décor.  Right now, it is all decked out for Christmas with a tree and Santa figures around the shop.  H loved it!  It kept him very happy while we waited in line.  (this place is popular, so depending on the day/time, the line may be several people deep—all the more time to check out those baked goods). And as if the décor wasn’t enough, the kind staff chatted up my H quite a bit.  He loved it! (we certainly weren’t having a bashful day that day.)

The cupcakes were delicious!  I know everyone has their own favorites when it comes to cupcakes, or any food for that matter,—but these were really quite good.  The cake was light compared to some other cupcakes, and the icing was perfect in my book.  Let’s just say that we  left very happy!
They have a lunch menu which we can’t wait to try, and, I have to say, their children’s menu, while limited, sounds yummy.   Okay, really—it’s the nutella sandwich.  DH and I really want to taste that one—H may stick with the mini grilled cheese. 

My reasons for recommending this to other moms don’t stop there, though.  We love the Lafayette Village location because H loves to run around and around the courtyard.  It’s a great place while you’re waiting for food, or just to stretch a little one’s legs after a meal.  (he’s seriously in love with the fountains.)

So, what’s the drawback?   The bathrooms are nice, but no changing tables.  There are, however, high chairs.   We generally get our cupcakes to go, though. 

Upper Crust Pie and Bakery
Lafayette Village
8450 Honeycutt Road, Suite 106
Raleigh, NC 27615



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