Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Fitness Challenge - Week 1

Here's our wrap-up for week 1 of our 2012 Fitness Challenge.  If you've been following our progress on Twitter (see information below) you will note that the words we keep using seem to be "baby steps."  We're just starting on this journey, so none of us are ready to take off on a 3 mi run today.  But we're moving and getting ready.  Here's how we fared; how did you do?!

From Allison:
Three weeks postpartum, can I get a HOLLAH for even moving at all?  I mean, more movement than feeding a newborn, putting him down, then walking over to get an Oreo cupcake....I got out a little this week.  I downloaded Endomondo to my phone just to track my distances and speed.  I am not yet technically cleared by my docs for physical activity so I did cardio-lite.  Walking.  (Although I have a bone to pick with Endomondo - it doesn't account for extra calories burned when you have to push a 30+ pound toddler and a 8 pound newborn in a Snap n Go while you walk.)  Monday and Thursday we got in some great walks, my boys and I.  Sure, I had to stop to insert a pacifier a few times and I was trying to heave the Joovy up the hill while also explaining where the moon goes during the day to C, but I still worked up a sweat and did over 1.5 miles on each walk.  Saturday we stayed at home and C and I did a dance DVD at my house.  Turns out exercise can be fun and a great bonding experience with my children.  I am hardly ready for swimsuit weather right now, but it felt good to move at all.  Having a goal has been a huge motivator.  Does our April deadline motivate you?

From Katie:
My goal for January is simply to get moving, and to exercise at least 4 days a week. I will likely need a more formal training program for the 5k, but for now, I need to put one foot in front of the other and start going.

This past week, Monday and Tuesday were a wash - lots of excuses. I had dropped them by Wednesday when I hit gym the for 30 minutes of bike time. Thursday: I put on my gym clothes before dropping H off at preschool, and hit the gym on the way home. Armed with People Magazine and music with inappropriate lyrics (hey, I get bored on the bike), I finished 6 miles on the bike and 2 miles walking. Friday: gorgeous day, but sore from Thursday (hello, motrin!). We took H for a walk in Meadowmont, where he wanted to race, so the walk quickly turned into lots of jogging in spurts. Not really fast enough to be sprints, but more than walking. Saturday: 6 miles on the bike, 2 miles on the elliptical, and another Meadowmont walk/race with H.

I’ve logged 18 miles on the bike, and somewhere between 6 and 8 walking/jogging. I’ve been sore. I’ve been tired. I’ve felt stronger for having done it, and proud of myself for getting moving. And when I stepped on the scale, I felt thrilled to see 4 lbs of weight gone! Next week, I’m throwing in a bellydance class. Stay tuned!

From Sarah:
It's been some time since I had a consistent workout routine. Well, minus chasing after a toddler day in and day out (that counts as a workout, right?). Thus, I have started out slowly. With D strapped firmly in the jogger, my iPhone snug in it's spot & connected to the jogger speakers so we can both jam, and my Ease into 5k app turned on, I hit the pavement 3 days last week. I admit Monday and Wednesday I half thought I had lost my mind with the cold and the wind. On Friday, I was ready to roll. I felt empowered by sticking to my routine on the colder days. The sun and warm 60s beckoned to me. And D was very excited not having to be bundled up like the Michelin guy in 40 layers of protection from the cold and from the promise of time at the playground at the end. My goal this coming week is to continue following along with the app and walk/run 3 days. Minus a slight threat of rain, the forecast of 50s and 60s looks very enticing!

Interested in more up-to-date details on what we're doing or want to share with us how you are doing in the Fitness Challenge? Leave a comment, visit us on Facebook, or join along in the Challenge chatter on Twitter (use hashtag #MiCHillFit2012).


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