Friday, January 27, 2012


From Sarah C.:

Always on the look out for a new place to explore, especially indoors, I was excited to stumble across Kidz-N-Play in North Raleigh. The website alone had me interested so D & I ventured there to explore. It was fantastic!

Kidz-N-Play has only been open for about a month so everything is fresh, new and clean. The space is fairly large with toys and activities spread out leaving for plenty of space to enjoy. We arrived right after opening so D got to watch the bounce house inflate - that alone was a huge hit! Once that excitement was complete, we could finally move in and explore.

At the very front by the office is the toddler room. It is great for smaller children, especially crawlers. The flooring is padded, colorful tiles. Except for the door opening, the entire space is walled off with either full or half-walls. It is filled with a number of age appropriate toys to enjoy.

Beyond the toddler room, there is plenty of fun for older kids. Two areas feature great imaginary play options. There is a space with a small climber, train table, doll house, Duplo table and reading area as well as a second space featuring a market (complete with grocery carts & cash registers!) and a kitchen.

The two imaginary play areas are separated by the bounce house. It has ample bouncing space plus a climbing wall with slides down either side located along the back. D was able after a few attempts to figure out how to climb up on his own. Smaller children might require parental assistance to make it to the top.

For older kids, there is an Xbox Kinect, air hockey table, arcade console, basketball goals, etc.

There is a comfy parents zone at the front with seating and a couple of televisions mounted to the ceiling. Also a few chairs/sofas spread throughout so you can sit and watch your child from a closer point.

Restrooms and a water fountain are located all the way at the back. Nice features inside the women's room included a rocking chair for nursing, 2 padded diaper changing stations and a step stool at the sink to help smaller children reach with mat underneath to prevent slipping.

Throughout the facility are small white lidded 'trash' cans labeled for tasted toys.

Also note, there is a party room and you can celebrate your child's next birthday at Kidz-N-Play. Visit the website or contact the store for more details.

**Be sure to check the specials section of the website (now through March, Wednesdays are $1 off for toddlers and $2 off for kids ages 4 & up) and remember your socks!**

Walk-in Play Mon-Sat 10a-8p and Sun 11a-6p (pulled link do to user name/password request? 6/29/12)
2431 Spring Forest Rd, Suite 157
(919) 876-1119



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