Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kiwi Crate

We've given you guys some ideas in the past for indoor activities to do with your kids, but we stumbled on another idea out there on the Internet (I first heard about this service here) that we love and had to share: Kiwi Crates.  And since it looks like rain is coming our way again and summer breaks aren't that far away for traditional schools (!) let's chat about these.

Kiwi Crates are at-home activities for you to do with your child.  You subscribe for $19.95 a month (shipping, handling, and taxes for NC residents included in that) and once a month you get a new "crate" at your front door.  You can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months (with discounts at the 12 month rate).  These crates are meant for kids ages 3-7 but you do, upon subscribing, tell them your child's age and the packages are slightly modified accordingly.

Each crate comes with everything you need for at least 2 super activities based on a theme.  For example, our theme this month was "Under the Sea" and we had one activity that is arts & crafts combined with fine motor skills practice and one activity that is a science experiment.  All directions and supplies are included and easy to understand.  I was so happy to see that in addition to the disposable materials necessary for the projects we were also given a very nice set of pastels and a pair of toddler scissors.  We have stuff to keep!

If the 2 activities provided are not enough entertainment you can head to Kiwi Crate's website to get more ideas related to the theme at this link here.

Here are the things I love about Kiwi Crate:
- Educational activities that show up at your house, all ready to go.  Not that you couldn't find the same things on Pinterest, but it does take some of the searching and putting together out of the equation, making it easier and saving time.
- The high quality of the materials.  They are well made and well assembled.
- Again, we receive nice art supplies to keep.
- C gets a package addressed to him (he loves getting mail).
- You don't have to return anything.  Everything sent to you is to keep.
- What's inside the box is always a pleasant surprise.

The downsides to Kiwi Crate:
- Only 2 activities (although each activity can take significant time to fully explore) so if your child doesn't respond to one of the activities or it seems out of their grasp, that's just kind of the way the cookie crumbles.
- It is an investment of almost $20/month.
- You have to wait for it to come in the mail.  So if you want a project to do RIGHT NOW, this is not your thing.  But if you want to plan ahead sign up for these great crates.

Kiwi Crates can also be fun gifts to give, by the way, so keep that in mind for birthdays and such.

Keep Kiwi Crate in mind for your kids as summer, heat, and thunderstorms roll in.

Kiwi Crate


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