Friday, January 13, 2012

Music Together - Morrisville

From Sarah C.:

Music Together offers parent-child classes from birth to age 5. D and I recently experienced a taste of the class during a free evening at our local library. The class was held in the same room where we typically attend storytime and, as usual, we had to wait for the door to open before we could head in. D was beyond excited waiting to get through the doors and up close to the drums that were set out. He literally ran through the children's area saying, "door open! Door open!" and, yes, we were the first inside.

The room filled quickly with children of all ages. Each excited about the drums and tapping out their own rhythm. When it was time to move on to the next activity, I was surprised to see how well each of the kids helped at putting the drums - they loved those drums! Fortunately, the two instructors, Ms. Chris and Ms. Jody, kept the kids moving easily from one activity to the next. We sang, we clapped, we shook egg rattles, we wiggled, and had the chance to play with more instruments before the class ended. Even the parents joined in on the fun and had a great time.

The classes are held in 10 week sessions. For a point of reference, cost for the Morrisville class at Cedar Fork Community Center beginning Monday, January 23rd is $170 (for first child; each additional sibling over 9 months is an added fee) plus $5 registration fee for first time parents. Along with the classes, the fee also includes 2 cds and a songbook. Of course, verify cost with the instructor when registering for a session as the prices do vary some. Instructor websites and contact information are listed below.

Some of the current sessions have started. There is a Saturday session in Morrisville beginning tomorrow morning, January 14th, as well as the class mentioned above that starts on the 23rd.

Music Together

Music Mom of the Triangle | Calendar
Chris Schlachter 
* Currently offering classes in Cary & Morrisville

Little Birds Music Together | Calendar
Jody Berry
* Currently offering classes in Morrisville



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