Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Afternoon Date - Valentine's Thoughts

I've got my thoughts on Valentine's Day out there on the Internet, and here is another fantastic perspective from Katie today.  Remember that many drop-in childcare services are around and about in the Triangle to help you with your romance.  And regardless of what this Valentine's Day has in store for you, we love you, our readers, and appreciate you!:

It’s February.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  Love is in the Air.  Romance abounds.  Okay, so, really, that went out the window for DH and me sometime just after my son was born.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this man with all of my heart and we’ve had some really great dates in the past 2 years, but if you are a parent and you are reading this then you know what I mean.  More often than not, late night feedings replace late night romance.  Croup and ear infections seem to take up residence in your house.  And why didn’t anyone tell me that the addition of one child would mean ten times the laundry?  When Friday night rolls around, or Valentine’s night, for that matter, lots of times we’re just plain tired.  We want to go out (and we do, or I couldn’t write Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven), but we pay more than cash for it.  (Ask me how often I need a refill on my under-eye corrector). 

When I read Leigh’s post on her HinesSightBlog, Tinsel on a Christmas Tree Can Hang Longer than Parents Can at Night, I can only say that it had my name written all over it.  She even says that maybe the daytime TV dramas are onto something with “Love in the Afternoon.”  I think she is right!  In fact, I so think she is right that DH and I gave it a try.  (No worries, I’m not going NC-17 on you here.).  We booked a sitter for an afternoon and set out.  We didn’t feel guilty at all—H was down for his afternoon nap and we were free to explore a museum and have an early dinner.  We headed over to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and had a wonderful afternoon learning that the Museum isn’t just for children!  Then, we grabbed a somewhat quick dinner in downtown Raleigh and, get this, we actually had great conversations where no one was “zoned out” from a long day at work or a long day of chores.  There was no “well, maybe we should just head home early” talk, which we frequently have if we try to make it to dinner and a movie.  Yes, we may have lost some cool factor we thought we had (emphasis on thought), but we had a seriously great time.  And the best part: we were home and sleeping soundly at a very decent time of night!  

Take it from this Mom in Chapel Hill, afternoon dates are completely underrated.  Book a sitter, swap afternoon babysitting with a friend, head out while your child has a playdate.  It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day, but in the spirit of romance (or just a little grown-up time), give Love in the Afternoon a try.  Who said date night had to be at night?



At February 15, 2012 at 12:26 PM , Blogger Leigh Powell Hines said...

Thank you so much for trying my idea. I appreciate it. And more importantly, I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for the mention.


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