Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bolin Creek Greenway Trail

By request, and because I can't believe it's not on here already, a little post about the Bolin Creek Greenway in Chapel Hill!  Note that we've already done a short article about the "Bolin Creek Trails."  Those are quite different.  Those trails are rough, for hiking and mountain biking, albeit beautiful.  The Greenway is a paved, well maintained path that runs through Chapel Hill.  And as you are most likely looking for some great running trails as you train with us for the 5K coming up, here you go...

My friend and I jogged the Greenway the other week.  We got on the Greenway near the Rose Garden at Chapel Hill Community Center.  The path is 1.5 miles long and takes you out to MLK/86 near the Foster's (Chapel Hill) and Flyleaf Books.

This path is really beautiful and the terrain is not too difficult.  It is also a well-used path so the couple of times I have been on it I have never felt as though safety were a concern.  Although staying out of the way of bikers was a little bit more of a challenge.  You do not need a jogger for these paths.  Lightweight strollers could do these.

Also note that from the Community Center there is a Battle Branch trail that goes the other direction.  That trail is NOT paved.  Check out the Town of Chapel Hill map below for the full details.

And get pounding the pavement!

Bolin Creek Greenway
Map here


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