Monday, February 6, 2012

The GrEAT Mongolian Grill Restaurant

From Sarah C.:

Looking for a new spot to dine out one evening, we headed to The GrEAT Mongolian Grill in Cary. DH & I have both been to and enjoyed Mongolian restaurants in the past, but this one was new to us and D's first experience. It was, pardon the pun, great!

When we arrived, we literally had the restaurant to ourselves. We were seated at a table near the buffet line (is that even the proper terminology here?). I made sure to place D's highchair where he could see both the line and the grill at the back.

For those who haven't experienced this kind of dining, you head to the buffet line to fill your bowls - one with noodles & veggies and the other with meats. Add dry seasoning of your choosing. Select colored sticks to indicate your sauce and heat level. Then take the bowls to the grill to be cooked. There you are given a choice of white or fried rice and handed a number for the server to bring your meal to you. We dawdled at the grill area a bit to let D watch - he was fascinated by it all.

Once seated, that highchair location was key. More people had come into the restaurant. Throughout our meal, he could watch people as they made their bowls and watch the food being cooked. Plus, he loved the food! We chose to just share ours with him which turned out to be plenty of food and he completely stole my bowl at the end. It was a full dinner and a show for our little guy.

Kids 4 & under eat free every day. Kids 10 & under eat free on Monday.

If you have some free time after your meal, Once Upon a Child is just a couple of doors down.

The GrEAT Mongolian Grill Restaurant
Harrison Pointe Shopping Center
243 Grande Heights Drive



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