Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kidzu's Messy Art in the Morning

We've already talked about Kidzu, including their new location, but it is great to be able to sample one of their ongoing events and share it with you!  Here is a post from Katie about a craft time that this children's museum hosts once a month.  *Sneak peek alert* - If you love ideas for crafts you can do at home with your kids, just wait until you see the all-new feature we've got coming your way starting tomorrow!:

I am all about arts and crafts for toddlers.  I think messy art is great, and it is even better when it somewhere else!  So, when I saw in my email that Kidzu hosts a "Messy Art in the Morning" drop in craft time for toddlers once a month, I put it on the calendar… ink. 

Messy Art in the Morning happens one Wednesday morning a month (at the time of this publication the next one is scheduled to happen March 21, 2012) and is geared for kids ages 2-5.  We got there and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.  The arts and crafts area in the new (temporary) location is just behind the baby section.  It is a small space but very efficiently used.  In fact, the folks at Kidzu effortlessly moved us from station to station without any toddler traffic jams!  MiCHill Note: That is pretty impressive since I feel like I have toddler traffic jams at my house all the time and I only have one!

The craft changes each month and this particular day it was shaving cream painting.  When we first got to the art area H put on a smock (which made his day, seriously) and Kidzu staff helped him pick out his three favorite colors.  I loved that they had the colors typed out, in the color named, to help him learn.  They took care of putting the shaving cream and paint in a tin.  Then we moved to the next station where H got to swirl the paint with a popsicle stick (another big thing in our world!).  Once the paint was swirled, they helped him put the paper down on top of it.  Then it was on to the next station where they helped remove the shaving cream and we cleaned up.  We left the art to dry while we headed over to play in the other Kidzu exhibits. 

All in all the craft probably took five or six minutes, which I think is perfect for a tot.  The craft time is drop-in generally from 10-12 on the day they are having it (check their website to confirm each month), and it is free with paid admission (or membership).   If I didn’t have a membership I don’t know if I would pay admission solely for the craft time, but I don’t think that is how it is intended.  I think it is meant to be a fun drop in activity during your trip to Kidzu.  And in that respect, it is more than worth it!

Happy Crafting!

Kidzu Children’s Museum's Messy Art in the Morning
123-B West Franklin (in University Square)
Chapel Hill



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