Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Fitness Challenge - Week 11

#MiCHillFit2012 Here's our wrap-up for week 11 of our 2012 Fitness Challenge. How's your training going?

From Allison:
Let's talk about how hard it is to do this stuff and be a parent.  Seriously.  Time is already fleeting for us parents and finding time to squeeze in a workout is really hard always, right?  Then add in school-related cruds that seem to keep passing through my house and pile on some seasonal allergies and you've got yourself a full blown challenge to keep training.  I have found that I succeed when working out is scheduled in my Google calendar (ding! goes the reminder to my phone) and done as early in the morning as possible.  Otherwise it does.not.happen.  Period.  I guess you could say I have embraced a "Carpe Exercise" philosophy.  Or that Nike has brainwashed me as I repeat the mantra "Just Do It."  If I procrastinate, if I wait for later, that doesn't happen for me.  Which is all my way of building up to one big, fat excuse as to why I didn't run this week.  Oh I worked out.  I taught my classes (see previous posts for more on that), I took classes, and I did a workout DVD at home which, after 45 minutes of me kinda working, ended in me eating some dark chocolate on the couch while watching the video folks do some ab work.  Hey, keepin' it real for you here.  But I am still a believer that I will reach my life-long goal to complete a 5K in April.

From Katie:
Has this week been beautiful or what?  It has made it much easier to strap on running shoes and get moving.  I can’t exactly say I’ve been running: I’ve walked three times and jogged twice.  And honestly, the jogging was more chasing my son, who has decided that he no longer needs to be in the baby jogger (hello worn out toddler)!    But really, how many times can I tell you that I’ve walked or jogged?!

Soooo…let’s talk about how I got that exercise in, and where I went.  First, daylight savings time helps tremendously!  We are making a concerted effort to eat earlier in our house, since we don’t like to put H to bed immediately after dinner, and he needs to be in bed by 7:30.  Earlier dinners + daylight savings mean we have a perfect window to get outside an exercise as a family after dinner.  We’ve been hitting the road around our neighborhood, we’ve hit the trail at Meadowmont, we’ve been for a stroll UNC's campus, and I feel like I have logged miles…and miles…and miles…at the Museum of Life + Science. (Have you ever noticed they have mileage marked on their outdoor trails—for instance, the sign at the dinosaur trail says it is 0.5 miles—and we go around, and around that thing).

How have you been doing?

From Sarah:
Not one of my best weeks. I did get two runs in using the Ease into 5k app. Both times I used recent routines (Week 6, Day 3 and Week 7, Day 1) backing up to where I felt comfortable. On Friday, my DH had the day off so we took a family trip to the NC Zoo and walked at least 5 miles while there. My goal for the week ahead is to get in 3 runs and I'd like to advance in the routine by at least one day. I still have plenty of time between now and race day to get there. Just need to keep pushing myself.

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