Thursday, March 8, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Marble Painting

It's time for another ACT (Arts & Crafts Thursday, of course!).  Last week Sarah C. shared a timely St. Patrick's Day craft.  I am not as in tune with the holidays as she (she rocks like that) but I am going to pass along our favorite art activity here at home: marble painting.  My son loves this.  And considering he isn't really into art so much, when there is an art project that he asks to repeat, I consider it a hit.

*Note that since this involves marbles, this is not recommended for younger kids who still like to put things in their mouth!! *

  • one pan with edges (since I use washable, nontoxic paint I just use an old kitchen pan)
  • a sheet of paper (cut to size of pan by adult)
  • paint
  • marbles
The directions are about as easy as you can get with art projects, which is why this is such a can-do hit.

Place your sheet of paper in the pan with edges.
Roll your marbles around in the paint, place them into the pan, and hand it over to your child.  I let C explore this as he wants.  Sometimes that involves him pushing the marbles around.  Sometimes that involves him picking up the pan and rolling the marbles.

Whenever he is ready he places the marbles into the paint again and puts them back into the pan for more rolling.

I think that C loves this not only because it is really neat to watch the paint streak but it also makes loud noises as the marbles bang into the sides (note: do not do this during quiet time!).  He laughs hysterically the whole time.

As a parent, I appreciate how easy this art project is in all ways from tools required to set up to clean up.  But I also have to say that it makes some pretty beautiful art pieces.  We have actually framed two of them in our house and get compliments on them all the time.

So, parents, pop in those ear plugs, stick the art smock on your kid, and let the art times roll!


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