Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Fitness Challenge - We Did It!

#MiCHillFit2012 16 weeks of training under our belts in our 2012 Fitness Challenge. Here's how our final days and the 5k went. How did you do?

Allison, Sarah & Katie pre-race

From Allison:
Our good friend Stacey told us before the race, to help us with our pre-race jitters and nerves, that: "Based on [a] 10k experience, you'll hate the run while you're doing it, and forget all that and love it when it's over....kinda like childbirth."  Man, was she hilariously right!  I was so apprehensive before the race that you would have thought I was getting ready to do a marathon.  If you followed our tweets you were either rolling your eyes at us or you were nodding in agreement.  But I said it before and I'll say it again - doing new things is always scary.  Doing new things that challenge you physically are scarier.  It is so hard to get motivated to push your own boundaries.  Yet that is the only way to embrace this crazy journey called life and live it to the "fullest."  I will admit that if it weren't for committing to this 5k notion on this website and for my friends Sarah and Katie I probably would have backed out, thinking there was no way I could do it.

But I did do it.  And I learned some valuable lessons in the meantime.  Workout with friends, hold each other accountable.  Set goals, but don't be unrealistic.  Maybe Whoopi is on to something with these poise pads she advertises (hey, I am 4 months post-partum, I think about these things).  Be gentle with your body but trust it to carry you through, it can do more than you think.

Here I am, almost 4 months to the day, after having baby 2.  I was so so fortunate to have an easy labor & delivery and, hence, recovery. Yet I still have such a long way to go to reclaiming my body as mine and making it what I want again.  This race, and the training required, was a fabulous goal to help me feel in charge and in control of an otherwise wacky time for a mom.

I can't say this has made a "runner" out of me.  But I get why people do this now.  Sarah and I were all smiles after the race.  Thank you guys, you supported us and it was inspiring.  And I hope that we maybe kind of inspired you to set and meet your own personal challenges and goals.

'Til the next challenge...

From Katie:
I’m pretty bummed to tell you that I got sidelined, thanks to some contractions, for the Briar Chapel 5k. Okay, after seeing some of the hills Allison and Sarah conquered, maybe I’m not that bummed. Those two women are rock stars for not only finishing the 5k, but they were still running at the end! I was glad I got to put on my t-shirt, take photos, and tweet their progress!

Really, though, I am happy that this challenge got me moving and kept me accountable, and I am hoping you will join me as I continue to exercise through this pregnancy! And, once I have this baby - the next challenge is on!

From Sarah:
Last week, I took a good long walk on Tuesday and ran on Thursday. Both days while pushing D in the jogger. Wow does that intensify your workout so big kudos to all the racers I saw pushing jogging strollers on Saturday! So impressed!

As I prepared myself for the race, I took Friday off to just enjoy although I did stretch a little and use my foam roller on my legs. I broke out that foam roller again Saturday morning trying to loosen up before the race. I started my day earlier than usual - partly due to nerves waking me and partly because I wanted a few quiet moments to eat breakfast and relax. I was both nervous and excited when I donned our awesome Mom in Chapel Hill t-shirts from Big Frog and DH, D and I headed out the door. Strangely enough, once registered and Allison & I were lined up behind the starting line, my nerves vanished. We were just a couple of people in the midst of a sea of runners. The first few minutes were calm. Then the hills came and the sun peeked out from the clouds. Allison put it best later when she said that the hills weren't so much steep as LONG. The downside in my training was that while it was on a greenway, there were no comparable inclines to what I experienced during the race. It definitely slowed me down a bit. Nonetheless, I finished strong at 32:57 and was proud to have accomplished this challenge.

Now that our goal has been met, we're taking a little breather. Not to say we're done. Honestly, we briefly talked about "what's next?" just before the race! It's looking like we might try personal challenges, but no official decisions yet. There are still 8 months left in the year. Lots of time! If you have a suggestion, let us know by leaving a comment here or on Facebook.


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