Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Fitness Challenge - Week 13

#MiCHillFit2012 No foolin' - it's already time for the wrap-up of week 13 in our 2012 Fitness Challenge.

From Allison:
I feel so good about this week.  The weather was lovely, I think I am starting to find my groove with the whole "having two" thing (props to you parents of multiples- whew!), and I really pushed myself in my workouts.  I also allowed myself some time to recover this week and on certain days.  I took Thursday and Friday off from intense challenges and just went on lovely, long walks with my boys.  I went back to CrossFit on Saturday morning, though, and am, again, incredibly sore.  But as this weather feels good, my boys feel good, and I feel good, I find I am starting to actually look forward to the 5K on the horizon.

Oh- and big news - we now have race tshirts!  More on that in a separate post but you can get one, too, if you want.  I am so excited for us.  We are so pro!

From Katie:
Really, only 20 days to go?  Just typing that makes me a little nervous.  More than a little, actually.   I know, I know, my goal is not to run this 5K, but to finish it.  Still, I’m at one of those points in pregnancy where I need to take lots of little breaks.  Some days, I’ve had lots of energy (ask me about the day I  worked, cleaned carpets, polished all the furniture in the house and did every last piece of laundry), and some days I don’t (note: I may still be paying for that big nesting day).  So it is my turn to tell you that, aside from chasing H, and playing tag with him, I haven’t run this week.  Not one single step.  I’ve walked plenty, but not so much as a jog.  (You did want honest, right?) 

The walking has been good though.  I am loving the trails in Meadowmont these days!  Early dinners + post dinner walks are really working for my family!  I am really hoping this is a habit that we stay in well past April 21.  And thanks to Sarah C, I have been tracking my pregnancy nutrition and fitness with BabyFit by SparkPeople.  I love, love, love that site!  Even if you aren’t training with us (and I sure hope you will - no pressure at all, just get moving and come out and walk it with this preggo Mommy), if you are expecting, you have to check out the site.  I love that I can track actual nutrition, not just calories!  I love that it gives me pregnancy specific nutrition goals!  And, I love that it is free!  Can you tell that I really dig this site?

So, happy April, and happy exercising!  Will we see you April 21?

From Sarah:
Where did the week go?! I got in two runs using Week 8, Day 1 of the Ease into 5k app by Wednesday. Lesson learned from the previous week - running in the morning before the temperature rises and running without a jogging stroller makes for a much easier run. Without help this week, I had to take D with me and, as normal, our mornings were busy so that meant pushing off my workout until after nap time. Truthfully, that was the best time of the day for me until this heat wave arrived. I'm loving the warmth, but could we turn the dial back from "summer" to "spring"? Friday I had planned to run but, after difficulty breathing that morning due to my asthma, I decided it was best not to push it that afternoon. I think I have that issue resolved and am hopeful I can get in three runs this week.

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