Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Fitness Challenge - Week 14

#MiCHillFit2012 Here's our wrap-up for week 14 of our 2012 Fitness Challenge. How's your training going?

From Allison:
Of course, our biggest news is that we have raceday tshirts.  This made this whole raceday thing seem so much more concrete than it has ever been before.  I mean, we're even in raceday month.  And how are you all faring?  I ran this week - hit the pavement and got close to 3 miles in.  I can tell I am getting stronger since I actually DID it.  I made it all 3 miles without stopping.  This is a far cry from how things were about, oh, 14 weeks ago.  But I realized that I still love getting into fitness classes.  I continue to push myself harder and harder through classes than I do when I train on my own.  For a social person, being with other people just makes it happen for me.  But I have been proud to learn what I have about fitness and running and anxiously anticipate a glorious, fun, Earth Day event where I get to finally check an item off my bucket list.

From Katie:
Oh wow!  The Briar Chapel 5k is less than 2 weeks away!  I did lots of walking this week, but I’m still very nervous about the hills in Briar Chapel.  Shaking in my shoes...speaking of, I have to tell you about one of my biggest mistakes during this fitness challenge, which came back to haunt me this week:  Shoes.  Yup. Shoes. Back in the beginning of this, a fellow blogger and I had a twitter conversation about shoes and how important it is to get the right shoes for your feet.  She had just been fitted for new shoes, and they made all the difference for her.  Recently, I made a huge mistake, and got new shoes without regard to my feet.  That would be my pregnant, somewhat pronating feet.  I didn’t really have much time so I ran into the shoe store, bought a pair in my size, and left.  This week, after a marathon cleaning session (oh, yes, the nesting urge has hit me early, with, perhaps, some organizational inspiration from Allison), and lots of walking, I noticed that my feet and legs seriously hurt.  If I’m already swelling that much from the Peanut growing in my belly, I’m in for a very long duration.  My husband noticed that the shoes I’ve been wearing aren’t my usual brand and suggested I try my normal brand.  I switched them out for an old pair I had (this Easter Bunny didn’t have time to shoe shop yesterday), and voila! So much better already!  I guess you will know what I will be doing tomorrow!  After all, I need some time to break in my brand new, usual selection!

I hope you had a gorgeous Holiday weekend, with lots of outside time with family and friends, and that you will tell us how you are doing in the fitness challenge these days!

From Sarah:
This past week goes down as the worst in my training. I ran one time. Then life (ie, Easter get togethers and regular toddler planned entertainment & errands) got in the way along with my allergies. Seems just the right thing started blooming over the last couple days and my head is fully congested. For the moment, I'm taking a cue from my body, taking it easy and letting this mess pass. My consolation - I've been pretty consistent up to this point and the race is still 13 days away. Thank goodness it wasn't this weekend! I would have been quite a sight running with a box of tissues in hand.

Interested in more up-to-date details on what we're doing or want to share with us how you are doing in the Fitness Challenge? Leave a comment, visit us on Facebook, or join along in the Challenge chatter on Twitter (use hashtag #MiCHillFit2012).


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