Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 Fitness Challenge - Week 15

FINAL WEEK!  We need you all! 
#MiCHillFit2012 Here's our wrap-up for week 15 of our 2012 Fitness Challenge. The 5k is THIS Saturday. Are you ready?

From Allison:
We need you all!  Can you give me words of encouragement and tell me this was not a crazy idea?  Can you please let me know if I can listen to my iPod while I run this 5k?  Can you promise me that I will finish?  Gack.  I am a bit nervous.  Do the rest of you feel like no matter what you do to prepare that it still isn't enough?  Are you ever really ready to run a 5K?  To those who run marathons: MAD PROPS.  I did work out this week and run (including a run with my new Nano iPod that wasn't calibrated properly: the new pedometer had me thinking I was running less than 2 miles so I had a minor meltdown then happily realized that the NikeFit just hadn't been set up).  I did my gym classes - shout out to those of you saying hey to me at the gym and for the kind words.  I am also already planning my carb load meal for Friday night.  Because that will be awesome.  As we round in to the final bend on this crazy Fitness Challenge I have to give so much love to Katie and Sarah for coming with me on this.  Honestly, if it weren't for them agreeing to my hare-brained scheme back in January I would have backed out long ago.  It just proves that working out with friends and with accountability is a great tool to accomplish goals.  Will we see you?

From Katie:
Wow! We are less than a week away from the Briar Chapel 5K. When we started this challenge, it seemed like the date would never arrive, yet here we are getting ready for our last week of preparation, and trying on our cool new t-shirts! I’m still walking, and planning to walk the 5K. I’m just hoping it isn’t terribly hot. I’ve started walking this week with water bottle in hand, since at this point in my pregnancy, I feel dehydrated all the time!

Will we see you Saturday morning? What are you doing this week to prepare?

From Sarah:
After being out of a commission at the beginning of the week week due to allergies, I literally began to "ease" back into things using Ease into 5k app. I backed up to a routine from week 6 as I started running again on Wednesday. It wasn't pretty, I was still a bit congested and down right exhausted afterward, but I was moving again. On Friday, I met the challenge full force and completed Week 8, Day 3. Yes, I officially completed the app (you know, the 8 week app that I've been working on for 15 weeks - I took the "ease" part very literally!) and managed to get the full 3.1 mile distance in. I got out again this morning running for 30 minutes and managed to cover a slightly further distance than Friday. I'm feeling pumped now! See you all at Briar Chapel in 6 days!

Interested in more up-to-date details on what we're doing or want to share with us how you are doing in the Fitness Challenge? Leave a comment, visit us on Facebook, or join along in the Challenge chatter on Twitter (use hashtag #MiCHillFit2012).


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