Friday, April 20, 2012

Ackland Art Museum Store

I was so glad when something moved in to that huge empty storefront on Franklin Street.  I was even more glad when Katie scoped it out recently and it turns out it is a great little spot for shopping for little ones!:
I like to shop.  Actually, more than I go out and buy things, I like to go out and check out stores.  Window shopping at its finest.  I like to know what shops have so that when I need something I know exactly where to find it.  One afternoon a few months ago, I found myself with a babysitter and a couple of hours away from work so I headed into Ackland Art Museum Store on Franklin Street.  I was really checking them out for future gifts for friends and family members, and I got quite the pleasant surprise when I wandered into their children's section! 

While they may not have a huge selection I love the toys and art kits for children that Ackland Art Museum Store carries!  You will not find loud noises and bright lights, but you will find a selection of solid, high quality, creative toys and children's items.  I happen to love the Jellycat line of stuffed animals they carry!  And love does not even begin to describe what I feel about Tubtrugs, colorful, flexible, light tubs with handles that I use to organize our playroom. I was thrilled to see that Ackland carries them! 

Prices run the gamut, from inexpensive to pricey, but the items there are well worth it.  You will not find the gazillion plastic trinkets that most of us "Toddler Moms" have already seen way too many of.  And for that, I am very thankful.   So next time you are on the market for a special child’s gift, make sure you stop in at Ackland.

Ackland Art Museum Store
100 East Franklin
Chapel Hill, NC



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