Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Coffee Filter Painting

From Sarah C.:

Trying to come up with a project to share this week, I had two things on my mind - Easter and indoors. The latter sadly because the forecast at the moment is looking a little wet and dreary. The good news is this project can be done any time, is very little mess and is full of bright, cheery colors.

  • coffee filters
  • tape
  • markers (washable is ok)
  • paint brush
  • small cup or bowl of water
  • scissors - optional (for adult helper)

Start by taping down one or more coffee filters to a water safe surface (think highchair tray, plastic kids picnic table, plastic tablecloth or even a plate). I used painting tape but any tape will do. This is simply to keep the filters from sliding around while doing the project.

Next, color the filter using as many colors as you like. Scribbling is great for this as the next step will blend together the inks.

After your coloring is complete (or your child bores of it like mine), take away the markers and hand him or her a paint brush and small container with water. Encourage your child to dip the brush in the water and then brush it across the colors. Watch as the colors blur together and blend.

If want to explore a different method, try using an eye dropper or even just dipping your fingers in the water and let the drops fall onto the colored filters.

After your artist is done adding water to the design (or the filter is sufficiently drenched), carefully pull up the filter and set aside to dry.

Once dry, you can enjoy as is or cut out shapes. To add a little Easter twist to this project, cut an egg or cross. Glue these to a blank card or folded piece of paper and you have an instant, one of a kind card (hint: grandparents love these!). Or add a bit of tape and hang in the window like we did.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful Easter holiday!



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