Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Froot Loop Sand

This craft project for kids hits a variety of learning elements: sorting, fine motor skills, banging and crushing, pasting, and more.  Plus, it just tastes good.

I got this idea from the book The Toddler's Busy Book, which I love and have already mentioned here. We added our own little twist at my house and came up with a fun project.

  • Froot Loops (generic will do, of course!)
  • plastic baggies, if you want to contain the mess as much as possible
  • rolling pin or other implement to crush the cereal (you know at this point it is going to be a great craft)
  • paper
  • glue stick
We got all our supplies together, including our Harris Teeter brand of Froot Loops.  We dumped a bunch on to the counter and began sorting them by color, putting like colors together in to a plastic baggie.

We then picked up our rolling pin, the idea being to roll over the Froot Loops that were in the plastic baggie crushing them to dust/sand-like consistency.  The rolling pin was proving frustrating to my toddler so, in a moment of inspiration, we got out the plastic hammer to one of his "tool benches" and used that to pulverize the cereal in the baggies.  I have a loud little boy so you can only imagine his joy and mirth at this activity.  (Friendly tip: make sure the air is out of your baggies and they are well sealed before you allow your child to hammer away, or you end up with crumbs all over.)
After that task was gleefully completed, we got out the glue stick and paper.  C made long streaks with the glue across the page and sprinkled various colors of Froot Loop "sand" on the glue marks.  He liked this as he got to "crunch" pieces down to the glue and pat them in place and he was able to make different marks and shapes with glue.  

 Enjoy this craft!  Just try not to eat all the Froot Loops.


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