Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Battle Park

I know it's a soggy morning, but that doesn't mean you can't dream about your weekend now.  How about an easy hike with the family through Battle Park on UNC's campus? (After the 5K, of course.)

Battle Park is on UNC's campus, behind the gorgeous Forest Theatre.  Run by the Botanical Gardens the forest is over 93-acres (yes, right in town, another reason to love Chapel Hill).  The forest isn't "pristine" as the website says but much of it has been around prior to 1740.

This was a fun little walk.  There is actually very little undergrowth so you can great lines of sight.  The hiking is easy and short.  The trails (view trail map here) are pretty short so it was easy for my toddler.  The trails also go by Battle Branch Creek, also fabulous for my toddler and his favorite pastime of throwing rocks in water.

I do have to say that there are some majestic sounding sights that, while cool, were not as awe-inspiring as such sweeping names lead you to believe: Monarch of the Forest, Lovers Leap.  It was, however, a nice hike.  We enjoyed seeing the old spring.

There is parking for Battle Park but, of course, parking is going to be much easier (with many lots open) on weekends.  During the summer, too, campus slows down so you can get going then.

No strollers.  Take a carrier.  Take a picnic- there are some picnics outside of Forest Theatre.  I didn't notice a bathroom but, quite honestly, wasn't looking too hard.

We drove on down Franklin Street for dinner at Milltown afterwards, a spot we love and has a kids menu with outdoor dining.  Just dine at Milltown early with kids since it can get packed.

Battle Park
Access off of Boundary Park by Forest Theatre


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