Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Big Frog TShirts & Designs

We got ourselves raceday tshirts, yes we did!  We love Big Frog Designs in Durham and actually approached them about putting together these tshirts in a way that make us look good but also supported a local business.  So here's a peek at what you will see us in on raceday.  From the front, nothing big, but I share a snap complete with my running hair-do and all (which, let's be honest, isn't that much different from my everyday SAHM hair):
 BUT, here is what you will most likely be looking at....my back as I fly by you...oh, SNAP:
Okay, seriously, we have to thank the guys at Big Frog for this awesomeness.  Regardless of how slow I move (which, I assure you, is SLOW) I feel great in a high-quality yet low-cost custom tee.

Big Frog is located over in Durham at Hope Valley Commons (conveniently next door to The Barbershop and Rita's!).  Although this is technically a franchise operation it has all the customer service, love, and passion of a truly local business.  Big Frog will take whatever you want and make almost anything you want.  For cheap.

They offer a variety of merchandise options like coffee mugs, mousepads, dufflebags, etc., but their focus is shirts.  There is a wide variety of colors and styles and no minimum order either, which is kind of hard to find when you want to get tshirts and what makes Big Frog so unique.  Trust me, I looked hard.  Of course, the more tshirts you have made the lower your price gets but even just to have a 1-off or up to 10 made you are looking at only $20.99 for a solid color tshirt of good quality.  Every increment of 5 (after 10) makes your price per shirt go down even more.  I do want to add, though, that Big Frog offers a lot of flexibility in their pricing and really just wants to make it work for you.  So I would start with a phone call if you are interested in some custom designs.

Like I said, the quality is good.  The shirts themselves are solid material and not cheap.  Then when Big Frog does the printing it is not an iron on/peel away sort of deal.  This is a professional job done with a very impressive machine.

Design time and consultations on your shirt(s) are completely free and included in your price.

Plus, I love how active and involved in our community Big Frog is.  Not only are they sponsoring 3 relatively unknown, definitely not-athletic bloggers with some beautiful tshirts for a 5K race they crazily decided to do, they also do things like partner with Kidzu Children's Museum to bring fun and interesting hands-on activities to children.  Score!

Even cooler?  If you want one of these awesome tshirts for yourself for race day, you can get one (without the Big Frog logo on the lower third - it would just be raceday logo and our stroller lady).  Big Frog is offering up single-printing orders so you can get one.  And if purple isn't your thing, pick your color.  White tshirts are even cheaper.  Just contact Vivien at vivien@bigfrog.com to get a Mom in Chapel Hill 5k tshirt.

Beyond our little blog-centered universe, though, I do encourage you to consider using Big Frog for special events, sports team shirts, and so forth.  Vivien was such a joy to work with and so pleasant.  All the staff was very friendly and helpful whenever I went in.  I am so happy that this all worked out since it has been a great experience.

Big Frog of Durham
http://ftp.bigfrog.com/DURHAM/ or http://www.bigfrog.com/
Hope Valley Commons
1125 West NW Hwy 54


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