Monday, April 23, 2012

Fresh Taste Yogurt & Ice Cream

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the decisions surrounding the old Maple View storefront in downtown Carrboro were made.  It closed, fairly suddenly, and the public was upset.  It was a fantastic location to get great, locally made, fresh ice cream.  Then the news reported that a new owner was taking the shop window and was considering selling Maple View ice cream in whatever went in.  Then Fresh Taste Yogurt opened.  With a big sign out front that says "Organic Frozen Yogurt" the place opened again in March.

Cracks me up!  Because despite the large words and new name (which is actually not so large) this is pretty much the same old ice cream shop!

There is 1 frozen yogurt flavor on tap at any time.  It changes, and there are still a limited amount of toppings you can get with it, and it is nice as it is organic and gluten free and Kosher.  But you only get one option (if having 1 of something counts as an 'option').

Yet there are gallons and various flavors of Maple View Ice Cream to be had by scoop and cone.  That's what we went for: Cookies & Cream.  Delicious.

The big rockers out front are gone, there are some chairs and tables, and the inside has been spruced up with some nice interior design changes.  But, really, same old ice cream in the same old place.  Which is completely OK with me.

Fresh Taste
100 Weaver Street


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