Monday, April 16, 2012

Preschool Playcraft at Bull City Crafts

Don't worry.  As Katie hangs out with us, gets more & more addicted to our Pinterest life, and heads to places like this, she'll be bringing us A&C Thursday posts soon!:
  I am not crafty.   Notice, I am not a contributor to our awesome Thursday Craft Segments (oh yes, I can call them awesome because I write none of them).   And now, I am leaving my job in less than three months to be a full time Mommy, which has me shaking in my shoes for a variety of reasons but partially because of my self-imposed pressure to do arts and crafts with H.    So, when I saw that Bull City Craft has Preschool Playcraft at 11:00 am most weekday mornings I almost tripped over myself getting to my calendar to write it down.

When we got to Preschool Playcraft we were greeted by Franklin, one of the owners.  H was feeling shy, so Franklin suggested that we play with the trains first.  H did just that, very happily, for quite some time.  Once he had played trains for awhile he was definitely feeling more at home in Bull City Craft, so we headed for the toddler sized table at the back that was stocked with paper, markers, colored pencils and more.  H had a fabulous time painting glue on to white paper and decorating it with small cut out pieces of colored tissue paper, and even more fun practicing his scissor skills with Franklin.

The website says that the Preschool Playcraft time isn’t a guided craft, but more of free craft play.  Yet do not take that to mean that they don’t have a plan.  Everything was so neat and organized that I finally asked if they planned the crafts (here’s where my lack of craftiness comes in—I would throw some crayons and paper out and call it craft time).  Franklin told me that they have a couple of crafts planned for each session with at least one paint craft; clearly, though, he was willing to let H’s creativity take the lead. 

The cost is $5 for the first child, and $4 for additional children.  It was worth every dime of the $5 I spent.  Especially since you don’t have to worry about supplies, set up or clean up (okay, I have H clean up when we go places, but you don’t have to).

Preschool Playcraft
Bull City Crafts
Most weekdays at 11:00 am (check website to confirm before going)
2501 University Drive
Durham, NC



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