Friday, April 6, 2012

Sip...a wine store

Maybe it is being a SAHM, maybe it is reading this book about French-style parenting, but I have been noticing more and more that places where I can do adult things while the kids are simultaneously entertained have become intriguing to me.  We've already talked about a few places to do various tastings such as Fullsteam, Starrlight, and Rock of Ages.  Now we are sharing with you a wine store in Cary called Sip.

Sip specializes in environmentally friendly and eco-conscious wines and beers.  They have an entire retail selection with knowledgeable wine sellers and it turns out the inventory on beers and wines that have sustainable practices is much higher than you  might think.

Sip also offers free tastings, of both beer and wine.  The back of the store has chalkboards chalk-full (yuck yuck) of information, comfortable chairs, some tables, and a big serving bar.  Tastings are available whenever the store is open and the options for tasting are diverse.  They usually have some featured wines and while they won't let you just go opening any old bottle off the floor, we had quite a few wines offered to us to try.  In addition, the pourer let us know why the wines we were tasting were chosen to be in their store.  Once you settle on a glass you like you can order a full drink to enjoy and, well, sip.

But here's the cool part... Sarah C. and I tried this place out, and we were thinking it might be a good "For Mom" post.  Yet it turns out there is a little play area for kids in here and there were families at the tasting when we went!  Now let me be honest: Sarah and I have almost-3-year-olds and given their rowdiness and the sheer amount of breakable inventory in here, we still most likely would not take our boys.  But there is a bouncy chair for younger kids, toys for older kids, and quite a few entertaining features for non-climbing-non-destructive-3-year-old-boys.  It was great!

Another little tidbit: on weekend nights a food truck parks outside and you can have a glass of wine, order food from the food truck, and hang out in the shop.  There are obviously regulars of Sip and the owners are very personable, so this had a great community feel.  Cheers to the weekend!

Sip...a wine store
1059 Darrington Drive


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