Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Dinosaur Fossils

From Sarah C.:

Katie's post about the Dinosaur exhibit at the NC Zoo on Tuesday led me to share a dinosaur themed project today.

  • plastic dinosaur toys
  • clay (we used Crayola Air-Dry because we had it in the house, but Crayola Model Magic appears to be a better option)

Supplies plus two completed "fossils"

At the time D & I tried this project, the only toy dinosaurs we had were big ones so we opted for footprints. If you happen to have smaller dinos on hand, you could try laying them on their side to get a body print instead which is what our inspiration post did. Either way, determine the size of clay you will need for your print. Roll and press into a smooth, even area. (We needed water to help moisten & soften the clay. If you use the Model Magic, you shouldn't need this extra supply.)

Next, press your dinosaur toy into the clay enough to leave a good print. Then remove and let dry (read instructions on clay packaging to determine how long your fossils will take to dry). Repeat steps for additional fossils.

After the fossils are dry, try matching up with the correct toy or bury them in some dirt and have an archaeological dig.



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