Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dinos at the NC Zoo

A post from Katie today about a special exhibit at the NC Zoo.:
We’ve told you all about the NC Zoo before, but in case your little one(s) love Dinosaurs as much as H does, I have to tell you about the Dinosaur exhibit that started in April and will run through October 2012.   We took advantage of the overcast and cooler weather a few Sundays ago and headed to Asheboro to check it out.

The Dinosaur exhibit is plenty big maybe around the same size, or a little bigger, than the Dinosaur Trail at the Museum of Life + Science.  You might be wondering why you should drive all the way to Asheboro instead of just hitting the Dinosaur Trail in Durham (which we love!).  One word: Animatronics.  These things move…and make noise! We’re even talking eye movement! DH and I were impressed.   H loved them until we got about halfway through, and then he was a little scared—the ones early on the trail are a little smaller.  In case your little one is scared, the dinosaurs aren’t the only things on the trail—toward the end, there are several stations where children can search for “fossils,” which H adored. 

You can also check out the 4D Dinosaur movie.  We thought H was a little too young, so we skipped that, but we saw plenty of parents and little guys headed that way. 

Now, on to logistics and cost.  The Dinosaur Exhibit is in the middle of the park so either parking area is just fine.  If you aren’t up for walking the free tram drops you off super close.  Each dinosaur activity does cost extra at $4 per person for the dinosaur exhibit and $3 per person for the movie above and beyond zoo admission, or you can buy combo passes.

Dinosaur Exhibit
April-October 2012
NC Zoological Park
http://www.nczoo.org/ | Hours | Tickets | Zoo Rules |
4401 Zoo Parkway
Asheboro, NC
1 (800) 488-0444



At May 15, 2012 at 2:13 PM , Blogger Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

I wonder if we were there the same day, but we didn't do the dinosaurs. Bet Baby Diva would have been scared. Gives us another excuse to go back.


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