Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lollipop Toy Shop - Wake Forest

From Katie:
A few weeks back, we told you all about Kidventurez in the Factory in Wake Forest. Well, Kidventurez wasn’t our only stop in the Factory! We also stopped in to check out the Lollipop Toy Shop. I will admit, I went in because the outside décor reminded me of something out of a tale, or maybe Candyland…all dressed like a cute little cottage with sugarplums and lollipops growing in the window boxes.

The store isn’t huge, but it is packed with fun stuff from Melissa and Doug toys to bottles of “fairy dust” to trinkets, toy rings and airplanes. Be forewarned, there is also a lot of candy close to the check out. I think what we (ie, H and I) liked most, was that the owner spent quite a bit of time teaching H to play with some pretty neat toys and didn’t mind us giving lots of toys a “test run” in the store. As a Mom, what I liked most was that while the store is packed with great stuff, it isn’t overwhelming at all and you can check out everything in a very reasonable amount of time.

Now, customer service. Like I wrote, the owner spent lots of time with H teaching him about how to use specific toys, and she had plenty of fun suggestions for gifts, etc. She saw to it that we had lots of fun. Before I knew it, I had spent more than I had planned and she even went out of her way to make sure everything was perfectly wrapped for the trip home.

If you find yourself in Wake Forest, the Lollipop Toy Shop is worth a stop.

Lollipop Toy Shop  
The Factory  
1839 South Main St, Suite 140  
Wake Forest



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