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My SweetArts

Photo courtesy Alex Bajuniemi
Ah, summer.  If you are like me, summer looms here in our household.  School is out and we are looking for fun summer activities to keep us occupied (read as: Mom sane).  We've mentioned things like Kindermusik, Jammin' Baby, gymnastics classes, Music Together, Healthy Moms, Music with Mar, art opportunities, pools, and we've even tried to help you come up with ways to occupy your kids at home with our new Arts & Crafts Thursday series.  But there is a new "kid" on the block when it comes to classes, and they are starting up just in time for summer!  Perfect!

This news is even more exciting since these classes are wonderful and the full package.  My SweetArts is here.  We had the privilege of trying out a trial class for My SweetArts recently and I am in love with it.  So is my 3 year old.

My SweetArts classes occur in University Mall and are the brainchild and hard work of mommas Rosario and Michelle.  These two fantastic ladies have spent a lot of time and research into putting together a well-rounded session for kids of all ages.

Photo courtesy Alex Bajuniemi
There are currently three options for classes:  Sweet Peas (4-14 mos), Sweet Berries (14-24 mos), and Sweet Potatoes (2-3 yrs).  Note: The founders of My Sweet Arts are also trying to put together a class for parents/caregivers and kids ages 3-5.  If you are interested, contact them through the information below.  The class we tried was Sweet Potatoes and it was right on with the child development and attention span of this age bracket.  There was music (led by a woman with a really beautiful voice, I must add), group activity, individual performance opportunities, storytime, singing, dancing, and then wonderful hands-on exploratory and sensory stations.  This last part was kind of like Pinterest-meets-the-real-world.  There were art stations, stations to smell things, stations to color, stations to play with Jello molds, and more.

Even though we were in a Sweet Potatoes class for our toddlers we brought our little bugs with us (5 mos - 1 yr).  They were not of the proper age for the class but were welcomed and entertained.  Yet our toddlers, almost 3, were really fascinated.  Things moved along quickly and the leaders were great at encouraging kids' individual expression but also kept them reigned in and focused on the activity at hand.

The goal of My SweetArts is to encourage "exploration, curiosity and self-expression through an experiential learning environment."  Every class "incorporates music and movement along with visual arts in the context of a theme."  However you describe it, it works.

Photo courtesy Alex Bajuniemi
The free trial classes are over, but you can register for sessions now!  Classes start June 4th and I have to say the session times are pretty good - the founders have obviously considered the standard nap schedule for the ages they are trying to reach.  Right now classes are at a special promotional rate of 25% off.

Prices and schedules are:
- Sweet Peas, Fridays at 10:45 am, $100 for 8 sessions and 1 free make-up class
- Sweet Berries, Mondays at 10:45 am, $108 for 8 sessions and 1 free make-up class
- Sweet Potatoes, Mondays at 9:20 am, $116 for 8 sessions and 1 free make-up class
These promotional rates include the registration fee, supply packets and fees, and a discount price-per-class rate.  Not too shabby.  These fees won't last long so get on board while you can, you won't regret it.

Note that these prices and schedules are accurate at time of publication of this article but stay tuned to their website and Facebook page listed below for the most up-to-date information.

Classes are already half-filled so please sign up online soon if you want to do this for the summer.  See the information below if you want to sign up.

This is a new Chapel Hill offering that I am so pleased to have here (and kudos to University Mall for bringing in another new family-friendly activity)!  I am proud it is part of our town and encourage you to try it.

My SweetArts
Facebook Page
Register here
Classes held at University Mall, Chapel Hill


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