Monday, May 14, 2012

Snazzy Swap

There is a great new online business, run by some local women, that I am so excited to tell you about!  I am all about recycling kids' gear and I am even more all about not spending money on kids' toys.  It just feels like kids outgrow toys so fast that it is hard for me to stomach spending lots of money on them.  Plus, C tends to get bored with toys once he figures them out so spending money on them is even more painful.  That is why when these local entrepreneurs contacted me about their new business, Snazzy Swap, I was more than excited to give it a go and see how it worked.

The premise behind Snazzy Swap is simple: you put your outgrown stuff up online for someone else to take and in return you get to pick someone else's stuff to use.  Items can range from clothes to books to toys to DVDs, all clearly labelled online. 

Let's get in to the deets.  You head to their website,, and pick out what you want to have sent to you.  Click it and add it to your cart.  For your very first pick you pay to have the box of your choice shipped to you without having to post anything to give to someone else - $15.95 for a small box or $19.95 for a large box.  This price includes shipping and a $5 service fee.  Then after that first purchase you have to post boxes of stuff to swap.  For every box you post to give you get to pick another box to get.  Every box you want sent to you still requires the $15.95 or $19.95 shipping fee (the "buyer" always pays for shipping costs). 

Let me add that you don't ever have to leave your house to use Snazzy Swap, a huge plus!  (Clearly, these folks know where busy parents are coming from.)  If you want to post a box to ship, they will arrange for you to print a label, stick it on your box, put it at your door, and the Post Office picks it up.  And of course, if you have a box sent to you, it comes right to your door.  Pretty awesome.

Ok, so, you are thinking: "What up, Allison, you said it was a swap service but I still have to pay money for every box I want sent to me?"  Trust me, it's worth it.  $15.95 or $19.95 really just covers cost of shipping along with a small service fee (hey, a company has got to earn a buck for maintenance and doing what they do) but the amount of merchandise in the box that we got was well above $19.95.

Which brings me to my personal experience.  I didn't post anything to give to someone else (trying to hold tight to things now that "Bug" is here....C's stuff is going to be used again).  I did, however, use an initial credit to have a box sent to me.  I browsed online for quite some time and found the system so easy to use: pictures were available to show me everything and everything was sorted by age.  Here is how the process looks:
Then, once I picked my box and checked out, it came to me SO FAST.  I mean, within a day.  It was well-packaged, complete with a cute note from the parent sending it to me about how much these toys meant to her kids, and C and I dug in.  Every toy that was pictured was present and it was all in mint condition.  For $19.95 we had, sent directly to our door, a Memory game, Mickey Mouse frisbee, a few cars, a big Melissa & Doug fire truck puzzle, a Winnie the Pooh puzzle, a small CAT truck that was battery-powered, and some very cool blocks.  Like I said: the merchandise in the box was worth more than $19.95 by far.  Not to mention that we have used that Memory game about 15 times since receiving our box.  It paid for itself already.
Like I said, the quality of the stuff in our box was really impressive and would certainly make me go back for more (and note that the women who run this business ask that swappers report any merchandise they receive that isn't up to snuff).

There are so many intricacies and really cool things about this swap service that I could get in to (they donate money from their business to kids with special needs, for example) but I encourage you to try it out yourself.

What I really really like? Sure, you can try to consign your toys.  You can take a lot of time to price them out, clean them up, get them some place that will take them that then takes a cut and then sells them to someone else.  I am not against that at all (certainly better than disposing!).  But when you have just a few things that might not be worth that work but you KNOW someone else will love, get yourself some swap credit, make it easy, never leave your house, and get some fun, new toys, books, DVDs or clothes sent to your doorstep.  It really is a fabulous idea and so proud of our Snazzy Swap local ladies for starting this venture!  I highly encourage you to check it out.

Snazzy Swap


At July 14, 2012 at 8:08 AM , Blogger Cheryl Wolf said...

Great idea, we just love this site!!!! Great way to save a lot of money on kids cloths and toys!!!


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