Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winner: Cake Pops Giveaway

I owe you all a big apology!  I was supposed to tell you who Random.org selected as our Cake Pops winner on Sunday night.  But what with all the cookouts and pool visits I plum ran out of day.  I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and didn't miss this announcement too much.

So, without further groveling, here is our winner: Our Family.
Visitor "Our Family" writes: "Chocolate, chocolate chunk...yummy" and I believe that Sweet Treats Boutique can help them out with that.

I was personally pulling for our pregnant friend, Lacey, because when you are very far along on your pregnancy one of the few things I can think of to make life easier is some cake pops.

Anyways, if Our Family could contact us at mominchapelhill@gmail.com that would be fantastic!

More posts about activities coming your way this week, right after we get back from the pool.


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