Sunday, May 13, 2012

You ARE Mom Enough: Mother's Day Edition 2012

Last Mother's Day we shared some little tidbits we had learned in our short time as moms. This Mother's Day, with all the hubbub surrounding the Time magazine cover about breastfeeding and attachment parenting, we have some more serious thoughts.

I have had so many conversations about this article, which really focuses on attachment parenting as extolled by Dr. Sears, and seen so many Facebook and Twitter posts about it.  And this article makes me angry.  I'll explain why.

I am not touching breastfeeding with a ten-foot pole on this blog.  It is such a sensitive topic and conjures up a lot of feelings for moms: feelings of guilt, success, trauma, joy, bonding, pain, failure, peace.  Everyone has such deep, strong, passionate feelings about breastfeeding it seems, regardless of where they fall and what their personal journey was.

So here is why the article makes me mad: You Are Mom Enough.  Period.  And you don't need some Time magazine cover or chatter on the Internet making you question that in any way at all.  WHO recommendations weighed or not, Dr. Sears' advice and research taken in and followed or not, you ARE Mom enough for your children.

If you choose to breastfeed until the age of 5, if you choose NOT to breastfeed, if you choose to co-sleep, if you choose to work fulltime, if you choose to stay-at-home, if you choose to go on vacation without your children, if you don't want to be away from your children yet.....if you make all your own baby food, if you like food in a pouch, if you use all natural cleaners at home, if you pay for a cleaning service....whatever you choose out of the millions of choices facing moms every single day, you are mom enough for your family.

No one should ever make you question that.  Being a parent is hard work and there are so many micro-decisions that need to be made every single day.  In the end, it is all about creating a healthy, happy home with the atmosphere that YOU believe in.  If some silly article out there on newsstands is making you question your home and your parenting styles, then stop listening to it.  Be confident in what you have chosen for your family and believe in it.  That is all your children care about - your love and you being happy and confident enough to lead them through life.

And here's the other reason why this cover makes me mad: we should not be judging each other.  Let's agree to stop all the chatter about this.  You don't need to defend yourself on either side of the attachment parenting/breastfeeding issue and you don't even need to explain to anyone.  No one knows what any other mother has gone through, we all struggle to do our best.  We should recognize this and quit judging.

This blog, which has just seen its 2nd anniversary, is written with the intent of helping parents succeed.  We give you information we hope is useful so you can make informed decisions and use the resources in your backyard to be the best you can be.  In that vein, we want to tell you that you are a GREAT parent, part of a GREAT parenting team.  And like all teams, we support you and believe in you and will be there for you.  Regardless of what decisions you make for the good of you and your family.

So stop thinking and enjoy Mother's Day.  Be proud of you.  We're proud of you!


At May 13, 2012 at 3:52 PM , Blogger laura said...

amen, sista! amen!

At May 13, 2012 at 6:11 PM , Blogger Melisa - Mommy This & That said...

This is exactly my soon as you chose to become a parent, you are enough. Always, enough!

At May 13, 2012 at 10:17 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

Very nice! Thank you! And happy mothers day to all of the amazing mothers out there! :)


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