Friday, June 1, 2012

Angelz Funtime - Morrisville

From Sarah C.: 

My son & a friend spotted Angelz Funtime one evening after dinner out at a neighboring restaurant. The colorful toys and climbers inside beckoned them. Much to their disappointment, we couldn't visit then as it was closed for the day. Fast forward to recent weeks and we were thrilled to receive an invite to attend a birthday party there!

Angelz Funtime offers birthday party packages as well as drop-in child care, preschool, track-out camps and tutoring. Just inside the entrance is a space to store shoes (socks required!), check-in/monitoring desk and a half-door to prevent little ones from exiting on their own. Beyond this is where the fun begins! There are toys galore for all ages, playhouses, climbers, riding toys and 2 wooden playsets. A small room in the back contains a musical instruments, a computer and a TV with a video game system connected.

Parties are 3 hours which is about an hour longer than the average indoor play area options locally. The one we attended started with a good bit of free play time. The kids all loved exploring the various options and burned a lot of energy before cake time. The party was on the larger side per number of guests (approximately 24 kids) and while it felt busy, the space wasn't too crowded.

The same friend who hosted the party has used the drop-in child care several times and consistently said good things. I have not personally tried it yet, but did appreciate the attentive staff and clean, colorful facilities during our visit. If you are planning on drop-in child care, call ahead to verify hours.

Angelz Funtime
101 Keybridge Drive #300 



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