Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Surprise Bags

I am very pleased to be bringing you another fabulous A.C.T. idea from our friends at My SweetArts. This is another easy activity to do with stuff you probably already own at home!:
Too hot and humid to play outside?  Make Surprise Sensory Bags!
Wow, summer has arrived this week with a vengeance. MySweetArts has just the cure – Surprise Sensory Bags!

These Sensory Bags are easy to make, can last for weeks, and are cheap! Best of all, it is a great activity for all age ranges from babies to preschoolers! Babies can squeeze the bags and your preschoolers can draw or write and then wipe their canvas clean to start over again.

There are many ways to display the bags:
• Attach to a large window or sliding door
• Attach to play/art table
• Attach to high chair while you are cooking dinner
• Mount on cardboard or mat board and take it on the go (a great solution while you are out to dinner with your little ones).
• Tape to the floor for babies to explore

If you are looking to extend your window playing time, add water and foam shapes/letters! Water + Foam + Windows allows your toddler/preschoolers to “paint” windows with water (use a paintbrush or a sponge) and stick foam letters or shapes in any pattern they choose (our you can do as we did here). And bonus, your toddler is helping you clean the windows at the same time. You can use bathtub foam toys as pictured here or make custom pieces out of foam sheets.

Sensory Bag Ingredients
• Freezer Bag (*hint* use rubbing alcohol to remove company name). If the Freezer Bag is thin and you have an excited toddler or preschooler, consider using two bags to prevent leaks.
• Duct or Packing tape (to securely close the bags)
• Hair gel, paint, shampoo, shaving foam or gel, oil

There are so many ways to customize this project: add small toys, confetti, glitter, or other small objects that excite your little ones. 

Some ideas:
• Dollar store hair gel + food coloring + glitter or confetti
• 2 colors of tempura/finger paint to explore color mixing
• Shaving foam + food coloring
• Baby oil or cooking oil + food coloring. Being water-based, the food coloring does not mix with the oil, which will create fun shapes and patterns.
• Add laminated photos of family or objects to your bags as a special surprise.
• For another fun sensory element, you can put the gel Sensory Bags into the freezer for a half hour. The gel freezes quickly and will thaw with exploring hands. This can be another way to keep your kids cool while it’s so hot outside.

Here’s is a little ditty you and your little ones can sing as you make your special sensory bag:

Mix It Up (sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean")
By Michelle Schooff

First put in some gel and some glitter,
Food coloring and confetti,
Now watch as it mixes together,
And then we will sing this song
Mix it up, mix it up
Oh, mix it all up for me, for me
Mix it up, mix it up
Oh, mix it all up for me
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