Wednesday, June 27, 2012


With possible temps in the 100s coming later this week, Sarah C. has an energy burning indoor idea that is fun for the entire family:

A few months ago, we shared on Facebook that TK's Jungle was closing. When I got wind of what was coming to replace it, I was pretty excited. DH & I had seen a clip on UNC-TV about a trampoline spot near Charlotte that looked like a lot of fun. We commented to each other how cool it would be to have a place like that in the Triangle. Looks like the smart folks behind TK's were thinking the same thing because that's exactly what DefyGravity is!

Step into the doors, pass through the lobby and you will find approximately 7,000 square feet of trampoline fun. You can jump up and down. You can jump into a foam pit. You can shoot basketballs into a hoop mounted high on the wall. You can jump as high as possible and try to hit hanging balls & punching bags. You can play dodgeball in a designated section.

Hands down this place is fun! Stacey and I took our 3 boys ages 16 months to 3 years to a KidJump. It's offered for ages 6 and under weekdays from 9am to noon. Parents accompanying their kids can jump free during this time. Note: what we missed was that you are paying for an hour time slot only during this time. Not the full 3 hours. Also, a few camp groups came in with older kids so it wasn't an age restricted time as we thought. [Update: 9-10a is now restricted to ages 6 and under plus parents/guardians.] The staff did a good job of monitoring the space to ensure the older kids weren't too wild around the little ones. All 5 of us had a great time and we're already talking about when to return.

All ages are welcome to play and there are other special jump times including a workout option called GravityFit starting in July. See the website listed below to find all the details.

Other good things to know ... there is a ramp up to the trampoline area so you can wheel your stroller up there. A few stools/benches are scattered around for parents that want to sit and watch (or just need a moment to catch your breath!) as well as a couch in the lobby. Cubbies are provided for shoes in the lobby as well as lockers, if desired. You can wear socks, but bare feet are recommended to get the best grip.

4300 Emperor Blvd, #250

Monday - Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 11pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm



At June 27, 2012 at 4:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They apparently have "famly night" on Monday evenings, does anyone know how busy it gets and if it's safe enough for young toddlers?

At June 27, 2012 at 9:02 PM , Blogger Sarah C. said...

That's an excellent question! Hopefully one of our readers will have some experience there. I do know they limit the number of participants and were very attentive during our visit in keeping an eye out for the smaller kids. I do think it's wise for parents of toddlers to stay close by just in case, but didn't feel it was any more of a danger to my son than an inflatable play space.


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