Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Summer Movies at Northgate Mall

That's right: free.  I mean, sure, you want to spend as much time outside with your kids as you can hitting up places like pools and lakes this summer.  But you need a break sometimes.  Northgate Mall offers free movies throughout the summer.  Meaning you just breeze in, walk right by the ticket-taker with a nod hello, and sit yourself down in those big stadium seats.  Beautiful.

Movies are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the summer starting at 9:30 am.  The movies are ones currently out on DVD but still newer releases and kid-friendly (by the way, in case you missed it over on our Facebook page I check out Common Sense Media for information about movies before going since they give me details on why things are rated how they are and specifics on content). 

These movies can get crowded so arrive early(ish). {I mean, don't go crazy and get there 20 minutes in advance but don't come running in last minute and think you'll have your pick of seats... Oh, and definitely don't be late since there aren't any previews!}  Also, the quality on the screen wasn't fabulous when we went - it was a little dark since I am pretty sure they really had just popped the DVD in.  However, for a kid who really is just thrilled about the entire experience (stadium seating, a big screen, lots of other kids) this did not matter.

This is a free kids morning movie, therefore, there are lots of kids in attendance, therefore, there is a lot of noise in the theatre.  The noise in no way interrupted our enjoyment of the flick but then I am a parent used to a lot of noise and I have a 3 year old boy... we live in constant noise....People were very polite, though.
Northgate offers a "Kids Survival Pack" (SURVIVAL, parents!) of popcorn, a small drink, and some other snacky item (like fruit bites) for $4.50. {Check out C's first bandaged skinned knee in the photo, too!  Aww.  It is definitely summer!}  This was a big part of the fun for a lot of kids in the theatre.  But you can bring in whatever you want.  No bag checks or restrictions on outside food and drink that I could tell.  Lots of kids were carrying homemade popcorn and juiceboxes.

This is a great summer alternative for when you need to beat the heat but want to think outside the water.


Free Summer Movies at Northgate Mall
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings, 9:30 am
June - August

Stadium 10 at Northgate Mall
1058 West Club Boulevard



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