Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Southern Village Movies on the Green

Ah, summer.  It's here.  And the wonderful summer things like pools, beaches, vacations, ice cream, and outdoor movies are also here.  A long time ago now we compiled a list of outdoor movies in the area.  But we hadn't had a chance to really get out there and try a lot of them for ourselves.  This past weekend DH and I jetted over to Southern Village (without C and the Bug, honestly, since bedtime is early) to take advantage of their Movies on the Green series.  Love it!

This series is operated by The Lumina, which we already love because of their kids summer movie series.  It is so cute and wonderful.  Folks gather on the lawn early, sometimes live music precedes the movies sometimes they pipe music in, but kiddos are always dancing.  If there is live music it is free to enjoy but the movies cost $4 for everyone over 3 years old.  By the by, if you come in for the music and stay for the movies it's pretty much an honor system to go back to the front and buy a ticket.

Picnics and alcohol are allowed but no glass bottles.  There were some great picnic spreads about us but we lived it up by getting pizza at Pazzo! and eating that while we waited and watched (by the way, the Tutti Frutti in Southern Village is now open).

The Lumina sells limited concessions outside on the green like popcorn, cotton candy, and some sodas.

There are some details you need to know about this fabulous series:
- Movies start late (since they have to wait til dark) at 9 pm
- All movies are considered family-friendly but it all depends on your kids.  The Lumina picks up films that aren't currently in the theatres but are just out and very current.  For example, weekend 1 was The Lorax and weekend 2 was Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
- You are watching a movie outside which is kind of magical but you will get ambient noise from the people and traffic around (good news is that the church stops tolling at 9 pm)
 - If you worry about things like where the restrooms are (I can BARELY make it through a full movie) you can use the restrooms in The Lumina
- The Lumina sells concessions inside, including beer and wine, as well.

There were projection and aspect ratio issues when we attended.  It was pretty funny, though, how 'helpful' the audience was and how enthusiastically everyone applauded when it worked out.  No one seemed to be upset and it was fixed quickly.

But all of this seems to add to everything that I loved about this event.  It was a wonderful summer event that I look forward to doing again!

The Lumina Summer Outdoor Movies Series
Southern Village Green
620 Market Street
Chapel Hill

919- 969-8049


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