Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winner of Photo Giveaway

It's time to announce the lucky winner of the Choose Your Own Photo Session.  There were some really great comments on here and some made me laugh pretty hard.

The winner is Alyssa H. who writes about the very cool firetruck party they had:
"We had a fire-truck themed party for our 3 year-old this year, complete with a visit from a fire engine. All the kids had the opportunity to knock down cones with a hose from the engine; my son enjoyed cheering on his friends even more than working the hose itself! Seeing the love he had for his friends was amazing!" 
I just might steal this for C's next birthday.

All of the comments were fabulous reminders at how wonderful and unpredictable children are.  Caron avoided near-drama after her son's friend blew out the birthday candles; Kim's daughter had on a fabulously mismatched outfit to keep her warm against the unexpected cool, dreary weather (it was pretty cute, I have to say); Lauren's daughter decided to wear a Santa hat at her birthday celebration... in March.

The comments were also good reminders that you don't have to blow the bank to throw a memorable party.  Bubbles, bounces (MiCHill blog readers can get discounts on those), and homemade treasure hunts seemed to be the big winners all around.  And hearts out to Cynthia who had adult drama surrounding her kids' birthday party.  Why does that always seem to happen!?  I was kind of pulling for you, Cynthia, in the hopes that next birthday your relatives are there in abundance, smiling and you can get it all on camera.

Thanks to all for entering.  Birthdays really are such a special time I wish that we could give this session to everyone who entered.

If Alyssa could email us at we'd be delighted!

Thanks, all.


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