Monday, July 30, 2012

A Southern Season: Ice Cream Parlour

If you haven't been lately, A Southern Season (which we have already confessed our love for) has had a bit of a face lift.  It's great - more open, easier to shop, better lines of sight.  I am a fan.  They added a coffee bar complete with Espresso drinks and free Wifi as well as an old fashioned ice cream parlour.

Although this spot has only been open about a month we were there right away.  We went when my mom was in town awhile ago (and before A Southern Season became one of our awesome sponsors).  You see, while all these new fangled FroYo places rock, nothing says "family" like an old school ice cream counter (that's why we love places like S&Ts).  In A Southern Season, head towards the wine and candy section and there is a bar with counter seating as well as a few tables.  Here you can get beautiful ice cream concotions - FULL FAT.  Score.

The ice cream is Lumpy's Ice Cream from Wake Forest that is made with Maple View Farms cream and other all natural ingredients.  You can choose from a variety of ice cream flavors (including seasonal ones) with toppings in either cones or cups.  There are gourmet selections done as only A Southern Season can such as Caramel Mocha milkshakes, Balsamic Strawberry milkshakes, Cornbread Peach sundaes, and more.

C got a single scoop ice cream with one topping and, unlike other places we've been like Pelicans (love it, though!), this serving size actually seemed appropriate for a tot.  But my mom and I branched out.  She was so excited to see malts on the menu and ordered a chocolate malt right away.  I got a root beer float made with Boylan's.  D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.
Everything is made fresh while you wait.  Prices are going to be around $2.50 for a single scoop of ice cream up to $6.95 for a banana split.

Things are served in glass but you can get cones or paper if you ask.

Even though this is in a large upscale grocery store this had a great vibe.  There were a few seniors sitting at the counter when we showed up telling tales of yore (so not making this up) and reminscing about their kids.  A few other families rolled in when we did, too, and there was plenty of space for all of us.

I also like that this is in University Mall - throw in a visit to the library's current spot, some shopping at Katie Beth's Learning Garden, a Traveling Teacher show, a class at My SweetArts, shop at The Red Hen, check out the secret room at Cameron's - it's a great visit.

A Southern Season Ice Cream Parlour
A Southern Season in University Mall
201 S Estes Drive
Chapel Hill
Opens 11 am daily


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