Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Colored Ice Painting

Another creative way to beat the heat via crafting!  The lovely ladies from My SweetArts have it all for you today.:

At My SweetArts we try to make art fun and accessible for all ages. This week we painted with colored ice cube pops. This activity is great for all ages. For the preschoolers, you can focus on color mixing and create fun drawings with a cool watercolor effect. Teething toddlers love to taste and experiment with the melting drips and the babies love the color and feeling of the cold ice cubes in their hands.  

Best of all, for us big people the craft is easy to put together, entertains the kids, and produces some beautiful and vibrant paintings. In the summer time heat, this is a great activity to do outdoors.

*Please note that food coloring temporarily stains hand and clothes. If you want to minimize some of the stains on little hands, try putting on lotion before the activity. It will be easier to wipe off the dye. If already stained, try using vinegar to clean hands. Some websites mentioned toothpaste as a good cleanser (we will try that in our next class). The food coloring will come off (all children photographed for this article were back to their normal colors after bath time).
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Food coloring (use whatever you have on hand or make your own with natural food dyes like beets, strawberries, blueberries)
  • Popsicle sticks. If you do not have any on hand, try baby spoons, plastic spoons, clothespins, disposable wooden ice cream spoons
  • Heavy paper stock, mat board, cardboard, cloth, thick paper plates
  • Egg carton (optional)

First fill up your ice cube tray with water to the halfway point. Then add some drops of food coloring or whatever edible dyes you may have. In addition to food coloring, we had a few jars of icing color. The more color you add, the more vibrant the ice cubes. But watch out, that comes with a price and will be more apt to stain little hands (and yours). Stir the colored water gently with a baby spoon or toothpick.

Then add in your holder/brush. This really can be anything: popsicle sticks, clothespins, baby spoons, plastic cutlery, wooden ice cream spoons - anything that would be safe for your kids to handle. We used different materials to add another element of discussion for our activity. We also wrote the colors on the stick and pre-dyed a few popsicle stick, corresponding to the color of the ice cube.

Since the My SweetArts prep kitchen has a shallow, drawer freezer, we also opted to make a top to ensure our holders/brushes remained upright during the freezing process. This also eliminates a step of having to remember to insert holders when water is half-way frozen (usually 15-30 minutes). We used the top of an egg carton. With a few cuts and some tape, we were able to make all the holders stand upright. For our classes we utilize a long handle to minimize mess and allow for more flexibility so this step was key. You can choose whichever method works for you and your kids or do without a handle all together.

Next is on to painting or playing. Remove the ice cubes from the freezer and set out for 5 minutes to ease ice cube removal. You can set out cardboard boxes, thick paper plates, mat board, or cloth. It really can be anything that will absorb the colored water. You can add some colored cubes to your child’s cup for a colorful glass of water or just put colored ice cubes in a bowl for the kids to play with. There are so many fun possibilities. 

Here’s is a little ditty you and your little ones can sing during this fun activity:

Ice Man (sung to the tune of "the hokey pokey")
By Michelle Schooff
Draw a line to the left
A line to the right
Now draw a nice big circle
And insert 2 eyes
Squiggle on a nose now
And a smiley mouth
2 ears and some wavy hair
Oh, look at my ice man
Oh, look at my ice man
Oh, look at my ice man
That I drew today
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