Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Squeeze Painting

Another Thursday, another Arts & Crafts project from the lovely ladies at My SweetArts:
Squeeze Painting
At My SweetArts, we love trying out new painting mediums. This week we tried Squeeze Paint. Squeeze paint incorporates many factors that are important to our art philosophy.
Squeeze Paint:
• Is made with materials easily found at home (flour, water, salt, food coloring)
• Encourages gross motor skills and fine motor skills
• Incorporates recycled materials
• Is made out of ok-to-taste materials for our youngest artists
• Looks amazing as a final product. The salt crystals create a pretty, shiny finish and the flour gives the final art a little texture and depth.

As with every craft, we test it out on our My SweetArts product development expert. She loved everything about the project. Measuring the ingredients, adding the food coloring, mixing, and then working with the paint. The paint was squeezed, used to make finger paint, scraped with a plastic knife and then took on a new life as we tested out color mixing in our bowl. This activity kept our tester busy for a good hour!

• Squeeze bottles. You can use old condiment containers (*tip* if you are having issues removing the adhesive label off your condiment bottle, try rubbing it with cooking oil). If you want to buy new, try Wilton icing bottles found at your local Michaels (we have tested both methods)
• Flour
• Water
• Salt
• Food Coloring
• Large bowl with spout (or funnel if you have on hand)
• Heavy paper stock, mat board, cardboard, thick paper plates

In your spouted bowl, mix equal parts: flour, water & salt. A half-cup of each item should be sufficient for each color you make. Mix these ingredients really well so that they are well incorporated and have no lumps (lumps will pose an issue with the bottle opening).

Once your mixture is blended well, add some food coloring. Add the coloring a little at a time to get your desired color. The more coloring you add, the more vibrant your paints will be. Once your paint has achieved your desired color, pour into your squeeze bottles (use a funnel if you have on hand).
Prep a large area to paint with heavy card stock, mat board, or cardboard and let your little artist have fun! Kids can use the paint to make shapes, lines, letters, or just create cool patterns.

Please note that unused paint should be refrigerated. It is great to bring out a couple days later for more fun!

For some musical fun, try adding a new song into your repertoire:

Squeeze Your Tube of Paint
(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
By Michelle Schooff

Squeeze your tube
Squeeze your tube
Squeeze your tube of paint
Lots of colors on the page
To dry, just sit and wait
Squeeze your tube
Squeeze your tube
Squeeze it really hard
Turn it upside down and squeeze
Then maybe make a card
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