Friday, July 6, 2012

Cedar Grove Blueberries

I know you have all been itchin' to pick blueberries.  Maybe you already have.  Peak blueberry season hits next week so get on out there (or get on out there again). 

We, of course, have sampled the delights and pickings at Faircloth, Herndon Hills, and Patchwork farms in the past.  But an old established farm called our name this time.  Earlier this week C, The Bug and I met some friends for picking at Cedar Grove blueberry farm.

Cedar Grove is all organically farmed even though they no longer have official USDA Organic certifications. The process became too expensive for their small-family-farm budget.  Yet they inform me that they have not changed their farming practices over the years.  For example, if they find a yellow jackets nest they cover it and use oil to flush the stingers out.  They really aim to be organic and envirnomentally friendly.
All I know is that they are delicious.  Cedar Grove is located about 10 minutes north of Hillsborough on 86.  It's a quick and easy drive (while you go why not take advantage of some of the delights Hillsborough has to offer or pair it up with a trip to Shangri-La!).
Just a note that the set up is a little odd when you pull in.  To the left of the driveway is Cedar Grove farm.  This farm has been around for over 20 years and has enormous, mature blueberry bushes.  To the right of the same driveway is Nice Berries farm.  Same old bushes, the acreage was just divided some years ago and now two separate and completely independent farms operate the land.  Nice Berries also practices organic farming and charges the same price.  The owner was quite friendly there, too.  But Cedar Grove had us a "playground."

Cedar Grove has a swingset as well as some picnic benches in the shade.  They also offer cold water from a container for pickers.  Very friendly for a visit.

There were some other pickers while we were there and an attendant manning the booth.  Yet this is set up to be an honor system as well so you don't need to fret about whether or not a human is there to greet you (hours are: "Always Open").  There are buckets, directions, ropes to tie the bucket to you, bags to take your berries home, and it is all pretty easy to follow.  Cheap, too.  It is $2 for a pound.

There were still a lot of green blueberries on the bushes when we went but still plenty to be had.  In a few days or so you will be able to just stand at one bush and fill up your entire bucket.  Pretty great if you ask me.

Enjoy the season!

Cedar Grove Blueberry PYO Farm
Facebook Page
8411 N Hwy 86
Cedar Grove


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